The Hardest Secret I’ve Ever Had To Keep…

I have never, in our whole 10-year relationship, kept secrets from my fiancé. However, this one secret I have kept was both the best and the hardest secret I’ve kept in my whole life. Introducing the new member of our family… Fudge! Since he was a child my fiancé has always wanted a rabbit. So… Continue reading The Hardest Secret I’ve Ever Had To Keep…


Liebster Award

Some great news! The lovely Jennifer Durrans from Outside of the Box has nominated Nikkipedia for the Liebster Award for new bloggers! I really appreciate your nomination Jennifer, thank you very much. Jennifers nomination for me stated: – ‘a blog about life, reviews and so much more’ really honestly written! That really means a… Continue reading Liebster Award

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Living With Asthma

We all know an asthmatic…right? If you don’t but you’re reading this then you do now. I suffer from asthma. It’s one of the most common respiratory problems affecting the population, with roughly 5.4 million people in the UK that are receiving asthma treatment. I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 5 years old… Continue reading Living With Asthma


10 days left for your entries!

For the giveaway entries, follow the instructions here! Q&A entries…you can comment on this post, here, Facebook, Twitter or email. You can also follow me on BlogLovin’ and Instagram…all links are in the social media connections section to the right. Don’t forget to follow and share if you like my blog. Look forward to hearing… Continue reading 10 days left for your entries!

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Easter Haul from Tesco

Afternoon readers! Well, I had different plans for today’s post but after a visit to Tesco this morning I wanted to share my Easter haul with you all instead. Tesco are currently running a promotion on some of their Easter eggs…an offer I couldn’t pass up on even though Easter is more than a month… Continue reading Easter Haul from Tesco

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Recent stamp trade from Israel

Hi everyone! When I started writing this morning’s post, I didn’t expect my most recent stamp trade to come through the door. I’m glad that it did, so I can make this post for you all. So for this trade, I made an agreement with a member from Israel on the site Colnect (the site… Continue reading Recent stamp trade from Israel