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Recent stamp trade from Israel

Hi everyone!

When I started writing this morning’s post, I didn’t expect my most recent stamp trade to come through the door. I’m glad that it did, so I can make this post for you all.

So for this trade, I made an agreement with a member from Israel on the site Colnect (the site I mentioned in the collecting post) to trade 100 stamps each. In the trade were stamps from various countries including Great Britain, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Dubai, Liberia and many more.

I’m really happy with stamps and the trade itself, but what I’m not happy about is the state the envelope was in when the postman posted it through my letterbox!

I’m really quite disappointed as a few stamps from the trade were missing because of this. The envelope was actually open on the back, as you’ll see in the images below, as well as being completely torn down the side, shown where the red circles are.

081be-picsart_02-16-11-18-14 048ac-picsart_02-16-11-16-20
I would have thought that if this damage was done in transit then Royal Mail would have put it in a bag stating that it was damaged when it arrived.

It is quite disappointing that this has happened but I’m pleased with the trade.

Feel free to either post your comments here on the post,Β FacebookΒ orΒ Twitter. Look forward to hearing from you all! I hope you enjoy my blog πŸ™‚

Best Wishes!

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2 thoughts on “Recent stamp trade from Israel

  1. I thought about complaining but not sure if its really worth the hassle. All I'd be expecting is “There's nothing we can do”.
    I collect postcards too. A lady from China sent me one and the postman folded it up to put it through the letterbox. They keep changing who delivers our mail, so that's probably why.
    Best Wishes
    Nikki x


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