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The Hardest Secret I’ve Ever Had To Keep

I have never, in our whole 10-year relationship, kept secrets from my fiancé. However, this one secret I have kept was both the best and the hardest secret I’ve kept in my whole life.

Introducing the new member of our family… Fudge!


Since he was a child my fiancé has always wanted a rabbit. So my parents and I have planned in secret to buy him this little cutie for his birthday which is on Saturday. I was so excited it was unbelievable!

My dad drove us to the local Pets at Home and Fudge caught his eye immediately. He is around 14/15 weeks old. The lovely lady in the store went through all the requirements and health checks as well as helping us pick out all the necessary things like wood shavings, hay, food nuggets etc.

Fudge already seems very sociable and calm, and he’s already found his comfy spot under my nans display cabinet when he’s out of his cage.

I’m really happy to have surprised him with Fudge. I’m sure I’ll be sharing more stories and pictures of Fudge in future posts.

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Best Wishes!


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