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Product Review | Joker and Harley Quinn Wedding Cake Topper

Afternoon readers. I hope that March is looking up for everyone.

harley-quinn-joker-wedding-cake-topper-silhouetteAs you all now, I’m engaged to my fiancé and we are hoping to get married soon. The very first thing that we have bought is our wedding cake topper. It was such a bargain I couldn’t let it slip through our fingers. I’ve had the topper sitting in our wedding storage for over a month now and I’ve decided that I should do a post about it here. Hopefully, it will give other brides an idea of what to expect when thinking of ordering one of these cake toppers.

For months, I’d had my eye on a very similar topper on Etsy. It was made in Canada and would have cost £15-£20 including shipping. It was perfect for us because it was something that we both loved! But when I found this on eBay I felt like my eyes literally popped out of their sockets because it was an amazing bargain. It cost £3.99 with £1.75 postage!!

The eBay seller was Mill Town Crafts. They make acrylic silhouette cake toppers in various designs, not only for weddings but for birthdays too! Mill Town Crafts are based in Lower Darwen in Lancashire, United Kingdom. I ordered our topper on 21 January 2016, it was dispatched on 22 January 2016 and I was surprised when it was delivered the next day!

The topper we chose was a Joker and Harley Quinn wedding cake topper. Here is the link:

As much as I was impressed with how fast is was dispatched and delivered, I was even more impressed with how it packaged! It came delivered in a jiffy envelope. Inside the jiffy envelope, our topper was wrapped in a plastic wrapper secured in between 2 pieces of MDF. This gave me peace of mind that the topper was well protected in the mail.

When I took the topper out of the plastic wrapper I was equally impressed with the quality! It was very shiny and there seemed to be no problem at all with the laser cutting on the topper. The topper stands roughly 6 inches tall and 2 inches wide.

All in all, I’m very happy with this topper and would recommend Mill Town Crafts to anyone looking for a cake topper for their wedding or birthday cake. Their other designs are fantastic too. I don’t think the pictures do the topper justice!

Thank you Mill Town Crafts for an amazing cake topper, which we can’t wait to use at our wedding!

I’d love to hear everyone’s thoughts or experiences of your own, if you are willing to share. Look forward to hearing from you!

Best Wishes!


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