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March Business Showcase | Bella Visage


I had the opportunity to interview Lynsey Gillis, aged 30 from Northern Ireland, owner of Bella Visage. I have been in contact with Lynsey since we met on a Facebook wedding group.

Bella Visage is a part of the Younique franchise, working through social media marketing to promote naturally based, cruelty-free products while supporting sexually abused women in the US.


Here is my interview with Lynsey…


What made you decide to set up your business?
I joined Younique to be a part of one of the fastest growing online companies with amazing products, that support issues that are really important to me, ie cruelty-free and charity support.

What do you do and what products do you sell?
I sell makeup and skincare, mostly online via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What products seem to be your best sellers?
The biggest seller of 2015 was the 3D mascara, followed by the liquid touch mineral foundation which has been out of stock for the last month. Here’s a little overview of the business.


Who are your biggest competitors?
Competitors are probably Mac, but they still test on animals, so personally thats’s not competition, Younique wins on moral grounds.

How do you advertise your business?
I advertise on Facebook and Instagram using a group and a business page.

How would you recommend your business to potential customers?
I recommend by letting pictures speak for themselves.


Tattoo cover up with Liquid Touch Mineral Foundation.
Tattoo cover up with Liquid Touch Mineral Foundation
Half face complete makeup with Younique products. The difference is amazing!
Half face complete makeup with Younique products. The difference is amazing!

Did you have any problems when starting your business? If so, how did you overcome them?
I had no major problems, just driving traffic to my page and group. I’m working all the time to stretch my customer/friend reach naturally and by using paid adverts.

Do you recruit? If so, what are the benefits?
I do recruit. The benefits are owning your own business, over £115 worth of makeup for £69 when you join, all your own to keep, your own website, many many new friendships from amazing ladies who are a network of support, no fees, shipping direct from the warehouse so you never need to keep stock in your house, and paid 3 hours after every sale you make.

What has the experience of owning a business been like for you?
I have the freedom to work as little and as often, as hard as i want, doing things my way, getting help from my sponsor, her sponsor, and even her sponsor should I need it. I’m able to support my own team and develop them to help them also get the most out of their business.

Below I have linked to Bella Visage webpages.
Facebook page:
Facebook group:

Thank you for answering my questions, Lynsey. It has been a pleasure interviewing and getting to know you. I wish you well in your business venture. Lynsey holds regular online parties, showing various special offers and products available to buy.

Lynsey is a very lovely person and would recommend anyone interested in either buying from Younique or starting their own business with Younique to get in contact with Lysney.

Best Wishes

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