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Pets at Home Haul

I had a lovely delivery yesterday of the shopping I’d ordered from Pets at Home, which was obviously all for Fudge.

I’d signed up for the VIP club swipe card few days before and received a 10% off code as my welcome gift. I just had to buy him some goodies, but I didn’t expect that I’d buy so much!

Fudge with his first Pets At Home Haul

The first thing that I added to the order was one of the Pets Parcels that Pets at Home are now selling. They aren’t only for rabbits; they have different ones specifically designed for dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, rats and rabbits as well as one designed for small dogs and a dog boredom buster. These are web exclusive, so you won’t be able to get these from the shop but are totally worth it. The rabbits pet parcel cost £10 and the cost of everything included in my package was almost £20!

Pets At Home Rabbit Pets Parcel

The contents of the pet parcel included a Trixie small animal snack roll game, a Veg-To-Ball Holder, Woodlands willow sticks, a pack of Woodlands Sunshine Munch and a Quiko Mineral Herbs block. All that retails exactly to £17.

The Trixie snack roll (teeth’s marks not included; Fudge already loves it) costs £5. Its a game to mentally stimulate rabbits whilst encouraging them to find their food or treats. It relieves boredom and gives them exercise. Fudge already loves playing with the snack roll. He digs at it, rolls at it and has even started to throw it in the air.

fudge-rabbit-hay-ball-feederA Veg-To-Ball Holder is a wire ball which you can fill with hay, treats and other food; which retails at £4. I’d looked at buying one of these before but I thought as there were two hay racks on the cage, we wouldn’t need an extra food holder. However, now we received it I think its great…and Fudge does too!

Fudge already had a pack of Woodlands Willow Sticks, but he didn’t take to them. We’ve tried to get him to play and chew them but he won’t at the moment. These retail at £2. When we bought these from the store when we bought Fudge, they were part of the 3 for the price of 2 offer on Woodlands products.

I’d added a pack of Sunshine Munch to the basket and received one in the Pets Parcel too, so Fudge has double the amount. Packs of this retails at £3. Surprisingly, we gave Fudge a small amount of this yesterday and she nudged the carrots out of the way and only ate the other pieces.

The final item provided in the Pets Parcel was a Quiko Mineral Herbs. Its a mix of herbs in a gnawing clay stone, retailing at £3. They are also offered in a flower mix and a special edition.


The Pets Parcel is fantastic value for the price you pay and would definitely consider buying again!

pets-at-home-dandelion-rabbit-easter-eggAs Easter is coming up I couldn’t resist buying Fudge a Dandelion Leaf Easter Egg! It costs £2. I couldn’t help but spoil him, so we all have a treat for Easter.

I ordered these carrot gnawers for Fudge too at a cost of £1.50. Unfortunately, I didn’t read the description properly and they aren’t suitable to fit on Fudges cage as the spaces between the bars are too far apart. Not a big loss, but I’m sure we’ll be able to find something to do with them so he can still gnaw at them.

pets-at-home-vitakraft-rabbit-banana-muffinsI know Fudge loves these Vitakraft Banana Muffins so how we not buy him some more. They are supplied in a pack of 4 and cost £2.25. Sounds expensive for 4 muffins but if Fudge likes it, he can have it. Rabbits are only allowed 4 of these in a week, but the last pack he had lasted him a fortnight.

It might seem silly to buy a harness and lead for a rabbit but for us its worth the £6.00 cost when it comes to Fudges safety. We live in a property that has a communal garden, one which the local council tends to regularly. Its not a very safe garden, with the council putting down traps and poison for rats (even though I’ve never seen a rat in the garden for the whole 5 years we have lived there.) We’d love to let him have a play in the garden but we don’t want anything happening to him, so we thought this would be a great idea. The colour on the website was a luminous yellow but this arrived purple, which actually did make me smile.

It might sound sad but when I saw these Micro Pop Corn on the Pets at Home website I was so excited and we were both interested in them that we added them to the basket straight away. They cost £3 for the pack of 3, so I think £1 per stick is good value. We haven’t tried these with Fudge yet, but its one of the things I’m really interested in seeing if he likes them or not. The website even says they are suitable for chickens!

pets-at-home-vitakraft-beetroot-dropsYes, my fiancé opened these Vitakraft Beetroot Drops for Fudge to try before I could get the picture this morning. At a cost of £2.50 we thought it was worth a try to find different tastes he may like. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to like them very much. He just turned his nose away from them. We broke one into smaller pieces and put it into the Trixie snack roll but he still wouldn’t have it then.

These Honey Sticks were bought, again to give Fudge different tastes and see what he likes. Although, he hasn’t tried these yet. They cost £2.50, which I thought was a good price.

At £1.50 we decided to buy 3 of these Woodlands shaped treats. There is a Carrot shaped Vegetable treat, a honey heart shaped treat and a rabbit shaped strawberry treat.

I also added a pack of pine cones to the basket for £1. They should be interesting for Fudge to play with.

To go with the Sunshine Munch, we also bought a pack of Woodlands Flower Feast for £3. Its looks a good, interesting mix but we haven’t opened it yet.

pets-at-home-biscuit-collageAgain, please excuse the gnawing marks as Fudge got his teeth round this before I could get a picture. The Woodlands Carrot Garden, which cost £3, is an edible bowl filled with dried carrot. Fudge, the same as the Sunshine Munch, is moving the carrot out the way and is just eating the bowl.

The final selection of products we purchased we these packs of pick and mix treats. They all cost £1.25 each or 2 packs for £2. There are other selections, but the ones we chose were Munchy Wheels, Lucky Clovers, Speckled Rolls, Hearty Nibbles, Stripey Sarnies and Apple Bakes. I read the description but unfortunately didn’t think to switch to the nutrition tab where it tells you these aren’t suitable for rabbits under 8 months, which Fudge is only just over 4 months old. Luckily they have a very long date on so we will have plenty of time to keep them until he is older.

I think we got a fantastic selection for the price we paid. All good value for money!

I’d really like to hear about your purchases or views on Pets at Home. Leave your comments below or get in contact on Facebook and Twitter.

Best Wishes


2 thoughts on “Pets at Home Haul

  1. Awww! This is so neat! Never knew there were boxes for animals other than dogs. I myself have two guinea pigs so I might have to see if they've got goodies for them! (I know rabbits and guinea pigs have different diet requirements)


  2. I don't think they have one of those pets parcels for Guinea pigs but they have some amazing bargains! I saw some lovely things I'd have bought if we had a guinea pig. Safe to say our rabbit Fudge was pleased with most everything we treated her to!


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