25 Random Facts About Me

Hi everyone!

I know I have my Q&A blog post up and it’s not been up for too long, but I’m taking inspiration from my new friend Ivy at Perfectly Ambitious and posting 25 random facts about me. I feel that random facts is different to a Q&A, so here it goes!

25 Random Facts About Me

I’ve been with my fiancé for over 10 years!
We met at Sixth Form at 16 years old…best friends from then on. We became a couple in December 2005, 2 months after my 18th birthday, and then got engaged a year later. He is still my best friend.


I used to be a competitive swimmer!
I was a member of my local swimming club where they held annual gala’s. I’d been a member of the club for a few years but only competed in races for 2 years, until an injury forced me to quit swimming. I won gold medals and trophies and its one of the things that I’m most proud of myself for! I’d also been a member of my schools swimming team.


A bunch of my hobbies revolve around collecting.
Yes, I’m a philatelist… Which in case you didn’t know is a stamp collector. But a few of my other hobbies are collections too. I collect bone China thimbles, postcards, tea sets, Eeyore, keyrings and souvenir trinkets. I’m sure there’s more that I forgot about!


I love taking photographs.
I don’t get a chance to take many nice photos where I live…but I love to get snappy happy with a camera. On our last holiday, I borrowed my mother-in-laws camera phone as my battery ran out while at the zoo. She ended up with at least 100 pictures of the Newquay Zoo penguins on her phone!

Did I mention that penguins are my favourite animal?
Well…they are *smiley emoji* They look so clumsy on land but look how amazing they are in the water!

I used to play the trumpet in a brass and woodwind ensemble.
I started playing the trumpet when I was about 8 (maybe). I was picked by my tutor to join the ensemble at my local music school. We did concerts every year.

I always wanted to grow up to become an archaeologist.
History was always a keen interest of mine. It was always a dream to go to Egypt and take part in archaeological digs…even though I’d have been happy doing this job anywhere! Its a bit late for me to aim for my dream now I think.

Another to the collections post… My fiancé and I have a collection of Pokémon cards.
Who didn’t love Pokémon? We still do! We play the games, watch the TV series and collect the cards. We’ve got theme decks, booster packs and also one each of the Mew Two Breakthrough Elite Trainer boxes!

I love watching Hollyoaks and EastEnders.
If you’re not from the UK, you may not have heard of them. Hollyoaks and EastEnders are British soap operas… Not to everyone’s tastes but I love watching them. Hollyoaks is set in Chester and EastEnders is set in the East End of London. EastEnders I’ve watched for many years, albeit not for the whole 31 years its been on TV, and Hollyoaks has been a new thing for me and I’ve been watching for about a year.

One of my favourite foods is a local dish called Grey Peas and bacon.
Ok, to all you readers that may not sound or look very nice but its honestly a very tasty dish. I’m from an area in the UK known as the Black Country. Grey Peas and bacon is a local dish from ages gone by, made with grey peas, water, baking soda, and bacon lardons. Maybe I’ll share the recipe sometime.

Image from

Eeyore is one of my favourite cartoon characters.
How could you not like Eeyore? He looks so glum I just want to cuddle him! I have loads of cuddly toys and figurines of him. My favourite figure being a wooden hand carved one that my fiancé bought me on holiday a few year ago. I also have a huge Eeyore cuddly toy that’s almost as big as me sitting down!


I have a fear of falling.
Other than falling over as a child I’ve never had a big fall. When I visited my cousins they used to jump off their shed and see who could go the farthest. They used to encourage me but I never did it. Even seeing someone fall on TV or on a video game gives me shivers and makes me nervous.

I’ve only been to a few music concerts.
All for the same band too. Me and my friends used to go and see McFly in concert every year.

Three of my top favourite films are Grease, Dirty Dancing and Labyrinth… Classics!
What else needs to be said? They are great films!

I’ve had at least 16 pet budgies in my life.
I’ve always had pet budgies since I was a child. The last being Jack, who died last year. My grandad always used to breed them and loved watching them hatch and grown. He always used to pick a beautiful one out for me.

Jack (RIP 2010-2015)

I’ll turn 29 in October…I’m older than my fiancé.
Yes, that will be my last year in my 20s. Not looking forward to turning 30 as I already feel like I’m getting old. My younger siblings don’t seem like my baby brother and sister anymore because we’re all growing up so fast! Fair enough, I’m only older than my fiancé by a few months but he jokes that I’m a cradle snatcher and he’s my toyboy.

I always wanted to appear on The Gladiators.
I doubt I’d have been any good, or even be any good at it now, but I watched it every week when I was younger and always said when I was older I wanted to go on.

I’m a list maker
I have to make lists for everything… Shopping lists, luggage lists, birthday card lists, Christmas cards and gifts list. I make so many lists, my fiancé even says I make lists of lists!

I have a variety of novelty and cute earrings.
I got addicted to buying the handmade types. I have various different ones from roses and bows to Pikachu faces!


I love to buy makeup.
Like most girls, I do love to buy makeup. My problem is that I rarely use most of it. I’m usually a minimal eyeliner and mascara type of girl.

My favourite take away food is Chinese.
My fiancé and I usually have a night in with a Chinese take away and a few DVDs or TV series. My go-to dish… Duck Chow Mein.

I’m a fan of mystery and crime books.
My favourite…Sherlock Holmes. I love trying to solve things and reading the stories. I’d love to read some more mystery and crime books.

I’d love to travel to Italy
It’s a dream my fiancé and I have to go to Italy. I like the idea of Florence. The food, the architecture… It would be amazing to go there.

I love to play video games.
I wasn’t a massive fan of video games until I got together with my fiancé. I used to play wrestling or Tony Hawks skateboarding with my brother, but that was mainly it. Since I’ve been with my fiancé I’ve been playing more and more and now I love it.

I’ve met some famous people.
I’ve met McFly at their signing in Birmingham UK, for their single Obviously. I also met a group called Noise Next Door when they performed in Wolverhampton UK in our local shopping centre. I have also met Steve Bull, a former Wolverhampton Wanderers and former England football player who was giving awards at my high schools award ceremony. I can’t seem to find my meeting McFly or Noise Next Door pictures though.

Meeting Steve Bull

You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to state 25 random facts about yourself. I’m glad that I’ve done this as its given me a chance to look back on different things and maybe change a little bit of my future for the better. It was enjoyable to write.

I’d really love to see everyone’s 25 random facts. If you have one, or are going to do one, please leave your link in the comments and I’ll definitely go and have a look!

Can’t wait to hear from you all! Don’t forget to comment, email, Facebook or Tweet me. I love hearing from my readers. You can find all my social media links to the right of the page and also on the contact me page found in the tabs at the top.

Best Wishes


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