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If you follow me over on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you will probably have noticed I’ve been posting a few images of recent purchases I’ve made. Most purchases have been beauty related or office supplies. I thought it would be a good idea to make a post about my recent purchases, and today’s post is about my new beauty items.

I never really used much beauty products…for me, my daily makeup consisted of eyeliner and mascara with the occasional use of eyeshadow and nail polish. I decided that I wanted to try some new things and invested in a couple of new beauty items that I want to share with you.


Not all of these are brand new, but they are here just because they are quite recent. Left to right…I purchased the first two nail polishes recently from Amazon.

nail-polishes-rimmel-primark-avonThey are Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine Nail Polish in Double Decker Red and Black Out, both 8ml bottles. I do like Rimmel nail polish but decided to buy me a couple more after buying my mom a few in her Christmas present selection. They aren’t shown but the polishes I bought for my mom were Black Cherries, Midnight Rendezvous and Danny Boy Blue.

The next two were from Primark, which I bought for £1. They don’t have colour names; one is a lilac colour and the other a dark green, both with a glittery shine to them. I actually bought the green to wear at Christmas as I thought the colour had a Christmassy feel to it, the lilac was just because I love the look of lilac and purple nail polishes.

The final nail polish shown here, I have had for a little while but its fairly new and was bought from Avon. It is a Magic Effects Matte polish in the colour Violetta. I don’t think this is available to buy anymore as I have searched the Avon website to link it here but its not there. I had this on a deal price at £3.00.

NC Inc Mineral Makeup

I have never in my life used a type of foundation but I decided to try out the JML Mineral Magic whilst on holiday last year. I bought it from Asda for £9.99, gave it a try and I quite liked it. This experience encouraged me to try different types so I bought a set of NC Inc (Natural Cosmetics Inc) Mineral Makeup. I bought a 14 piece set, which came with a free gift too! This set cost me just under £13. There are a choice of 8 different colours which are Light, Fair 1, Fair 2, Warm, Beige, Light Tan, Deep Tan and Ebony. The description tells you which colour would suit you, however I think I chose the wrong colour. I bought the Fair 2 which says is suitable for fair skin with yellow undertones, but I think it does look a little too light so I might try the warm next time I purchase a set.

The contents of the set include:

  • 2 jars of foundation, 10ml with sifter
  • A miracle veil, 10ml jar with sifter
  • A concealer, 10ml jar with sifter
  • A corrector, 10ml jar with sifter
  • A blusher, 10ml jar with sifter. Colour is a pinky colour.
  • A bronzer, 10ml jar with sifter
  • A 7 piece brush set in pouch
  • Instructions sheet
  • A free gift. The free gift could be either a random eyeshadow, finishing powder or miracle veil… I received a finishing powder with this set


OK, I think I may have bought a couple too many mascaras but I just couldn’t resist.

mascara-collection-avon-supershock-makeupThe first mascara shown here is an Avon Super Shock Mascara in Black, which I had as a Christmas present in the Prepare to Party gift set. I’ve started to use this as my daily mascara because I love it so much! I think it makes my lashes look lovely.

The middle mascara at the top is a Collection 2000 Killer Curves mascara in black. I like Collection 2000 makeup and I usually use their kohl eyeliner in my daily look. I haven’t tried this mascara yet, but once I do I am sure I will post it on my Instagram. I bought this but now I can’t tell you how much it cost as my order isn’t shown now on eBay.

The mascara on the right is a Freshminerals Super Volume mascara in brown. I had this from eBay also, and it cost me £1.99. I chose the brown shade because they didn’t have black in stock but the brown seems quite nice so far.

The red mascara bottle lying down is a Collection Big Fake Ultimate Mascara in Ultra Black. Again, I really like Collection makeup and have loved using the big fake mascara since I stumbled upon on in my local pound store and it usually costs roughly £6! I paid £3.78 for this bottle from Amazon.

The next two bottles come as a set for fiber lashes. I think the brand is a Chinese brand as the writing on the box was written in all Chinese. This set cost me £1.50. I’ve tested this and it seems to work nice. I do put on a couple of coats to extend the lashes more.

The mascara in the blue bottle right at the front of the image was a free gift I got with the Killer Curves mascara. Its a Kubiss water resistant mascara in brown. I’m not sure whether its the way its meant to smell, but it does have a weird smell. I haven’t tried it yet though, I think the smell is putting me off a little. Has anyone had this? Does it always have a weird smell?

Blusher and Eyeshadow

blusher-makeup-mememe-eyeshadow-palette-avonThe blusher shown in the picture was part of a set I bought myself with the money I received for my birthday. It was a Remington pink hair dryer, with a flower hair accessory, carry case and this blusher. Its a MeMeMe Cosmetics Blush Me pink blusher. This set should cost £60, but I bought it for £27. I thought it was a great bargain and needed a new hair dryer…I also couldn’t resist the pink.

The eyeshadow duo shown was also part of the Avon Prepare to Party gift set. Its an Avon True Colour Eyeshadow Duo in the shade warm cashmere. One colour is like a beige colour and the other is a brown. I do like the colours, but I’m pretty new to using two eyeshadows at once so I’m still learning how to apply it properly.

Lips and Eyeliner

eyeliner-saffron-kajal-lip-maxfactor-avonThe eyeliner in the middle was a very recent purchase after I spotted this on eBay and thought it was a very intriguing design.

Its a Saffron London kajal twist up eyeliner and applies pretty smoothly to the eyes. I usually only stick to one type of eyeliner, but I do really like this so far.

The lipstick on the left, also part of the Avon Prepare to Party gift set, is an Avon Ultra Colour Lipstick in Pout. I’ve never been a fan of lipsticks because I feel they don’t suit me but when I tried this I loved it! It stays smooth on the lips and keeps them moist. I also love the colour. Its not over the top but it also doesn’t look like you don’t have a lipstick on. Definitely happy I tried this.

The lipstick on the right is a Max Factor Stay Put Lipstick in the colour Moonbeam. I found this on eBay for roughly £2. They have various shades but are all currently out of stock. I have to be honest, I’m a little disappointed in this. It seems to dry my lips out a lot. I’m also a bit unsure of the colour, it seems quite pale.


volume-static-rainbow-hair-brushWhen I blow dry and straighten my hair, I usually get quite a bit of static in my hair. When I saw this hair brush on eBay, I thought it was worth a try…especially for the price! This Rainbow Volume Anti-static Hair Brush cost me £2. Its quite a small brush, which is handy for your handbag and has a little mirror on the back. The zig-zag rainbow bristles are supposed to help with volume and static. I have yet to try it myself yet, but I’m looking forward to trying it and hopefully the static in my hair when I blow dry and straighten it will ease.

make-up-brushes-rose-gold-accentAs I was buying me a selection of new makeup and beauty products, I needed some new makeup brushes. I liked the style of these and I just couldn’t pass up on the deal. This set of 20 brushes only cost me £3.50. I’ve heard some good things about the quality of these brushes from one of my Instagram followers and blogger, MissDaintyK. I’m looking forward to using them but at the moment I’m using the set that came with my mineral makeup set.

soft-gentle-lynx-antiperspirant-spray-fragranceI recently bought some new anti-perspirents for me, which were the Soft & Gentle brand and I bought two scents; Wild Rose and Vanilla and Lavender and Patchouli. They are nice scents, but after a second smell of them at home, I really prefer the wild rose and vanilla over the lavender and patchouli.

My fiances fragrance was something that he spotted in Morrisons by Lynx. The scent is Oud Wood and Dark Vanilla. It’s more like an eau de parfum in a deodorant spray can. I have to say, I really like the smell of this when my fiance sprays it.

I hope you like seeing my purchases. I’d love to hear if anyone has had any of these items yourself and what your experiences of it are. I love reading everything you send me. You can get in touch in the usual ways; via the comments section, email, Facebook or Twitter.

Best Wishes


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