It’s All About Me: A Blogging Link Up

I’m currently following the blog of a new blogging friend at Tiny Forest, who is co-hosting a weekly link up with The Petit Mrs that I’ve been invited to join. If you are interested in taking part in a link up, you can find the link HERE.

Here are my answers to the questions for the It’s All About Me Link Up:

What was in your Easter basket this year?
I had a few chocolates, but it was sharing it with my fiancé that really mattered.

How do you celebrate Easter? 
We have a lovely roast dinner. This year we had a pork roast, which was very yummy, cooked by my fiancés dad. We ate a few chocolates, but unusually not too many. I’m usually the one to make myself feel sick but I didn’t go overboard this year.

If you could go anywhere for spring break where would it be? 
I love to be with the people I love for the holidays, but if we could go anywhere then I would choose Cornwall. We go there for our summer family holiday every year and I love it and there are always events being held.

Whats the weather like where you are right now? 
Very dull and cold. Its very cloudy.

What’s one goal you have for April? 
I’ve never really given a thought to goals yet. I thought goals might be something I’d focus on more after a couple of months blogging. Maybe my goal would be to increase my blog readership while being more active in the blogging community and making more friends.

I’m glad to be taking part in this weekly link up! Don’t forget to visit the link at the top if you want to take part. You have to submit your links on the page too once you’ve written them up.

Best Wishes


3 thoughts on “It’s All About Me: A Blogging Link Up

  1. SO exciting! I am drooling over that feast and I'm kinda, happy to know someone else is also having crappy weather during “spring break”… And monthly goals are fun-having ambition is great! Thanks for joining us! 🙂


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