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Fudge’s Diary | 23rd-30th April

Welcome to week 3 of Fudge’s Diary! 23rd April 2016 – 30th April 2016 Day 61-Day 68 I know, I know. Today is Saturday and I promised a diary entry every Friday. The human was really busy catching up with what she called The Blog Tag. I tried to takeover but the human was taking… Continue reading Fudge’s Diary | 23rd-30th April

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The Blog Tag: Food Tag

Food Week on The Blog Tag comes to a close and with that comes the weekly tag round-up. This week, the questions will be split up into 2 sections; the Beauty questions and a selection of quickfire questions. To tie in with the food blogging week, I’ll be adding some images of foods that my… Continue reading The Blog Tag: Food Tag

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Grey Peas and Bacon Recipe

Being a qualified chef, I love food. I love eating food and I love cooking it. Food is like an experience. The taste, the smells…everything about cooking. What more can you love about food than your local traditional foods and tastes. One of my favourite foods is a local dish that is a simple dish.… Continue reading Grey Peas and Bacon Recipe

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Fudge’s Diary | 16th-22nd April

Welcome to my second whole week of my diary here on Nikkipedia. 16th April 2016 – 22nd April 2016 Day 54-Day 60 I really enjoyed the stuff that the humans got me last week. It’s all very entertaining and tasty. Although, now I have some more stuff! I now have a little platform in my… Continue reading Fudge’s Diary | 16th-22nd April

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What Beauty Means To Me

Beauty, we all have our own interpretations of what beauty actually is. Some people think of beauty as makeup, some people think about the natural beauty and imperfections of a person among a lot of other interpretations. But what is the actual definition of beauty? Taken from the Oxford English Dictionary, there are a lot… Continue reading What Beauty Means To Me