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April Business Showcase – Piccola Pianta

Piccola Pianta

My final interview for April’s showcases is a little different. I interviewed Toni Freda, owner of Piccola Pianta, but its not written in the usual style. This feature is written like Toni is speaking to you readers. I hope you like this feature.


Piccola Pianta

Hi! My Name is Toni Freda. I am 41 yrs old and my business is based out of Brooklyn, NY.

I own Piccola Pianta and I make custom plant terrariums and teach DIY Terrarium Workshops in NYC.  (Think paint night, but with plants and sometimes alcohol).

I started my business officially in March of 2015, but have been creating terrariums since 2014. My business started as a hobby selling to friends and family and quickly grew into an online sensation!

I started making terrariums to surprise my boyfriend.  He saw one in a store and told me he wanted to buy one for his apartment. I thought it would be cool to make him one instead. He loved it and saw how much I enjoyed creating it. He then surprised me with classes to learn the specifics in making healthy, thriving terrariums.  It was the best gift I ever received. Once I completed the classes I knew the correct plants to put in different types of terrariums (some are open, some are closed).  I also knew teaching workshops was something I wanted to do.  I reached out to local bars and bookstores and pitched my idea. People quickly signed up and the workshops became a success. I have done may at West Elm as well. They are very supportive and a great company to work with.

My advertisement right now is based solely on word of mouth, reviews and social media. Since I am just starting out I don’t have much money for paid promotion.  As far as competition goes, I have never really felt that other terrarium shops were my competitors. I have actually befriended other Creators like myself across the world via Instagram and we share ideas and encouragement!

I love doing wedding and party favors. It’s such a wonderful feeling to have people trust my designs and ideas for their special occasions.

I work mostly with Airplants and Succulents, but as of recent have become infatuated with Moss. I love the color and feel of it. I have always loved nature and a lot of my inspiration comes from weekend trips upstate to the Catskills with my son and my boyfriend.  I always have them on the look out for cool pieces of bark, pretty moss and unique rocks.

Starting my business has truly been a dream come true. Right now it is “part time”, but I can’t wait until the day when I can spend its entirety creating beautifully bottled landscapes!

Most of my work is on sale in my Etsy shop and on Darby Smart. You can stay up to date by following me on Instagram. All links will be linked at the end of this feature. You can often find me at local craft sales and flea market in Brooklyn, Staten Island and NYC. All dates of events are updated on my Instagram and Facebook pages. I even do private house parties!

Piccola Pianta creates each beautifully bottled landscape with precise attention to detail. Our miniature environments are contained in unique glass vessels and can be customized to your request by plant species, container style and size. Our love for what we do is apparent in each creation. Our terrariums are designed to adorn all environments from the modern urban home to the most simple country dwelling. These tiny sustainable environments consist in their own ecosystem and require minimal care making them a pleasure to own or give as a gift. So, no matter what lifestyle you live our terrariums are sure to be a delight!

Piccola Pianta sends thank you tags with your purchases, which are now plantable! They are made from seed paper and you can plant them under the soil in your terrarium and plants will grow from them!

Here are all Piccola Pianta’s social media links again:
Etsy Store:
Darby Smart:

Thank you, Toni, for allowing me to feature your amazing terrariums on Nikkipedia. It has been a pleasure interviewing and getting to know you. I wish you well in your business venture. Your terrariums are amazing!

To everyone reading, I’d love to hear if you have or are going to buy any terrariums from Piccola Pianta. I’d love to see them. You can get in touch using the usual ways, by contact form, comments and the social media links in the sidebar. Also, which style of feature do you prefer, this style or separate questions? Thanks all for the input!

Best Wishes

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2 thoughts on “April Business Showcase – Piccola Pianta

  1. Hello,
    Toni is a wonderful person, so kind and caring. I had her send me 3 kits for my 3 daughters for Christmas, they loved them. Then i thought maybe the granddaughters would like them as well, so I 4 more. I live in Maryland and they were shipped to me by Tony, they were wrapped like gold, i was beginning to wonder if i was going to get them unwrapped by Christmas. Everybody loved them. They are so different and easy to care for. I now have 4 small ones hanging in my kitchen. She is the best!!!!!


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