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Fudge’s Diary | 9th April 2016


Hello everyone!

I am Fudge, and I’ll be taking over Nikkipedia to write about my goings on. I was writing in a paper diary, but the paper looked so tasty I just couldn’t stop eating it!

Day 47

Most days I’m allowed out of this cage to run about and have fun. But for some reason, sometimes they only open a door on the top and don’t let me come out for a little while. I think it’s when they have to go out for bit, probably to go and get me some food or toys. It can get quite boring in this cage so I’ve been working out a way to stop them from going. Every time they have opened the door on the top of my home I’ve been eyeing my escape.

They were sitting there watching me. Occasionally the big one kept scratching my head and rubbing my ears and I knew this was my was my chance. Whenever I act so sweet, he always lets me get my own way. But, wait! Not this time. What’s going on? He just keeps fussing me. I thought “I know! If I start to eat and look busy, they’ll stop looking” and success! It worked! Then was my chance, it was now or never. So I reached up, grabbed the top of the cage and with all my might I leapt. Freedom! Sweet, sweet freedom! Oh, and food! Ooooooooooh nom nom nom!

Fudge 1, humans 0.

Oh, Fudge nuggets! It didn’t last. I’m back. Now they’ve gone out. I don’t know where they’ve gone, but they had better bring me treats back.

They came back but didn’t bring me any treats. The big one cuddled me as soon as they got back…I think he loves me.

I’m gonna hop on out…haha get it? I’m a bunny.

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