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Fudge’s Diary | 10th April 2016


Day 48

What is this magic?!? I can see my treats but I can’t get them! There’s something in the way, but I can see through it! I think the damn humans are tricking me! I saw them put my food there and close it but now it won’t open.

Maybe I should try biting it… No, that didn’t work. I think I’ll try digging it. Fudge nuggets! That didn’t work either. Ooh, maybe I should try biting it again? Darn it, still didn’t work. Maybe I’ll throw it around a bit and try break it open, that might work. Still no success!

Fudge 1, humans 1

Mark my words, humans, I WILL get my revenge! I’m going to go and cuddle my silent, yellow bunny friend that my slav… Er, I mean humans gave me.

Just a short one today… The humans are taking me on an adventure.

Hop on!

P.S. I’ve decided to post my diary once a week on a Friday. Posting every day is taking time away from eating treats…must eat treats. Check back on Friday for my next diary entry.

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