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Fudge’s Diary | 11th-15th April


I’m hopping back into my diary. The humans are on to me. They realised there’s something funny going on with my takeover, so I’m best just writing once a week. That might fool them. So I’m going to do it on this thing I’ve heard the humans call Friday…Fudge Fridays!!

11th April 2016 – 15 April 2016

Day 49-Day 53

The humans said they had ordered me some more treats and toys! They had better have, or there will be consequences…For example, I have teeth, they have furniture. Still one hoppy bunny and I’m excited for my new stuff.

I found this weird shaped thing with a dark, soft, chewable bit along the bottom. It looked tasty, so I nibbled. I’d chewed some of it before the short human came over, told me “no” and took it away! She took it away from me! Can you believe it?!? How dare she! I watch her every day collect all my poop in it, so that means its mine! I heard her tell the big human what I did and he told me it would make me ill, but its sooooo tasty. How can something so tasty be bad for me? I’m sure they called it a mustfan? No, d… De.. Da.. Do.. Du.. Dus.. That was it! Dustpan!

Fudge 1, humans 2 😦

Wheres my new stuff, humans?!? You promised!

The big human lay on the floor with me. I lay across his head and we both fell asleep. Its really comfortable and I like sleeping next to him…he’s comfy.

Last week the short human went out and when she came back she had got me some new food and nice things. I’ve really enjoyed them and made sure I claimed them… Well and truly chinned! She bought a wooden thing that she puts my hay in for me to eat. I pushed all my hay out and sat in it.

Fudge nuggets, wheres my new stuff? Its taking too long to get here!

The humans have been showing me some tricks. They asked me to ask nice, so I stood up on my back legs and they gave me a nugget! They asked me for a kiss too. I touch their nose with my twitchy nose and they give me a treat…bonus! Double treats! I can get anything from my humans, I’m the boss here. They should call me Queen Fudge or Your Royal Fudgeness or Don Fudgeone!

Fudge 2, humans 2

I played hide and seek a bit with the humans too. There is this big, black thing where I sit and I peep around the corner from it.

It’s nearly Friday and the humans were out shopping…I bet they were getting me more treats...when someone tried to deliver something. When the humans got back, I heard them say that the lady that lives next door who fussed me had the delivery. My short human came back with a big, tasty looking box. I’m hoping its my new treats. I’ll be back…I’m going to chew the box to find out.

It is!!! Its my stuff! Look at my selection! My humans spoil me! They know best.

I have a new rolly thing that drops food sometimes. The humans put my treats inside just like the bright coloured one I had. The humans took that one away from me too because I was pulling chunks of green off it. This treat roller is different, its more like hay and more chewable! *munch munch*

They have got me something I heard my big human call a dream catcher. Its got these bright orange things hanging of…wait a minute…ITS CARROTS!!! I think I heard the humans say they are going to hang it in my home. There’s also this basket that has treats in it. It looks tasty but the humans haven’t given me that yet. I’ll find a way to get it… Fudge is on a mission!

They also had a log delivered. Surely its not a log… It is a log! Its a chunk of a log with treats inside. I’ve got a new box of hay cookies! I like these! I had one box, which was tasty but the second box wasn’t as nice. I hope this one is better than the last or the furniture will meet my teeth again.

Oh, what’s this? There’s one more thing left in the box. I can smell it, its a treat. Its a vegetable treat bar. I heard the humans say that it snaps into pieces to say how much I can have… Yeah, ALL of it! The humans love me so they gave me a piece. Its tasty!

The humans gave me this tasty treat called a muffin. I really like these but the crumbs go all over my face.

My short human keeps trying to take pictures of me. She took this one of me going to wash my ears. I’m watching her, just to make sure she doesn’t steal my treats! But, how cute am I? Eat your heart out Rachel Riley.

That’s all for this week. I’m going to hop on and chew my treats. I’ll be back next Friday with my weekly goings on.

Keep Hoppin’

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