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Product Review | Avon SuperShock Mascara


A few weeks before Christmas 2015, my fiancé asked me to order myself a little something from the Internet for a Christmas present and he would surprise me with something else a little bit later. One item I settled on was an Avon Prepare to Party gift set. It’s not available now on Avon, but it is available from Amazon. I ordered it from Amazon and it cost me £12.

The set came and I was really pleased with it. Included in the set was:

  • True Colour Eyeshadow Duo in Warm Cashmere
  • Ultra Colour Lipstick in Pout
  • Glimmerstick Eyeliner in Blackest Black
  • SuperShock Mascara 10ml in Black
  • Make-up Bag

Today, I’m going to review the SuperShock Mascara.


The mascara comes in a sleek, black tube that has metallic look, teal coloured lettering on it. The tube is roughly 5 inches tall and has a 10ml volume.

83190-dsc_1096It is available from Avon catalogues and the Avon web shop. It is currently on sale for £5.50, but the original price is £8.50. They also currently have a limited edition packaging for the same price.

The brush itself is quite a large brush and there are a lot of bristles and are extremely close together, ensuring every lash is caught and volumized. I think the one problem with the size of the brush is it could be a little awkward to apply to the lower lashes, but I personally don’t apply a lot to them anyway.

c8711-dsc_1108This is my daily go-to mascara and I’ll continue to buy this as long as I can get it. Throughout every use with this mascara I found it made my lashes look longer and I loved the look the whole gift set gave.

I like the fact that it doesn’t really leave many clumps. It glides on your lashes and feels natural all day. So natural in fact that sometimes I forget I’ve put it on. With a lot of other mascaras I find that I rub my eyes and then I look like Alice Cooper, but with this I don’t seem to get that happen.

Overall, I think this is a great mascara and suits my needs. I’ve worn some make-up but it’s only been recently I’m getting into a lot more. I’d recommend the Avon SuperShock Mascara to anyone.

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