What Beauty Means To Me

Beauty, we all have our own interpretations of what beauty actually is. Some people think of beauty as makeup, some people think about the natural beauty and imperfections of a person among a lot of other interpretations. But what is the actual definition of beauty?

Taken from the Oxford English Dictionary, there are a lot of definitions for beauty but the main ones are:

  • That quality of a person which is highly pleasing to the sight; perceived physical perfection; attractive harmony of features, figure, or complexion; exceptional grace, elegance, or charm in appearance.
  • That quality of a person or thing which is highly pleasing or satisfying to the mind; moral or intellectual excellence.
  • That quality of a physical object or animal which is highly pleasing to the sight; perceived physical perfection; exceptional harmony of form or colour.
  • That quality of a thing which is highly pleasing to the senses generally.

Take rose seeds for example…not the stereotypical definition of what beauty is. However to me, these are very beautiful and a perfect example of inner beauty when you see the roses blooming.

The idea of beauty seems to commonly be an external aesthetic notion, however the metaphor of a seed growing into a beautiful flower proves the age old saying of beauty comes from within. You take a small, insignificant looking seed that obviously has this beauty hidden inside of it. All it took for the seed the grow into the beautiful rose was nature. In my opinion it shows that natural beauty prevails above pretence.

Its the imperfections of natural beauty that make something beautiful. Whether it be a rose or a persons physical appearance such as freckles, dimples, moles and other blemishes that people try to cover with makeup.

If you don’t think you are beautiful, then think of the rose…Think if the beauty that nature has given it…Apply it to yourself. You don’t need to cover these “imperfections” to be beautiful.


What does beauty mean to you? What is your idea of natural beauty?

I’d love to hear from you. I read each and every comment and I look forward to reading them.

Best Wishes


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