My Beauty Confession

My beauty confession isn’t really much of a confession. I’ve never really used too much makeup so I don’t really have much in the way of a confession about correcting mistakes that have gone horribly wrong. What I do have though is times that I have let my fiancé loose with makeup when we were younger.

We are all about having fun, we love a good laugh. When I was about 19 years old, I was sorting through a load of makeup that I never used hoping to throw away anything I didn’t want. What actually ended up happening was letting my fiancé put some makeup on me. I didn’t care if I looked a fool, it was a fun night in with family…something we always loved doing.

The result…

Not what I expected, but who am I kidding if I say I didn’t expect him to do this. Blue and yellow eye shadow and post box red lipstick. I even had each fingernail painted a different colour! I was very colourful that night. Every now and then I give him free reign to make me look a fool or do something creative with my eyeliner.

Whats your beauty confession? I’d love to hear them!

Best Wishes


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