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Fudge’s Diary | 16th-22nd April


Welcome to my second whole week of my diary here on Nikkipedia.

16th April 2016 – 22nd April 2016

Day 54-Day 60


I really enjoyed the stuff that the humans got me last week. It’s all very entertaining and tasty. Although, now I have some more stuff! I now have a little platform in my home that I can sit on. Oh look! You can see my dream catcher! It doesn’t look like that anymore…it shouldn’t be so tasty!

Speaking of tasty, a lot of things around the home have looked very tasty. The short human was doing something with a paper book…I think the humans said it was colouring. The book looked really tasty…I only wanted a little taste but the humans stopped me! I will get my revenge.


Fudge 2, humans 3

I’ve also been munching on a coloured box, this big coloured thing and the chill mat that the humans brought for me. How could I not when they all look so tasty!

I’ve been eating a few of the hay cookies that the humans also brought me. I really like them and I love to throw them about too.

The big human has been lying down with me again. I think he loves me. I love him; he is really nice, gives me lots of fuss, cuddles me, he is comfy to sit on and it’s nice when we lie down together and fall asleep. I feel safe; I trust him.

This week has been a pretty relaxed week…not been up to a lot other than eating things and the humans stopping me. I’m a point down…I need to get ahead of the humans again!

I’m off to play with my tunnel. I didn’t like it at first, but I love it now! It is so much fun!

I’ll be back next week with my diary. See you all soon!

Hop Along!

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4 thoughts on “Fudge’s Diary | 16th-22nd April

  1. Thank you Barbara. I'm always hungry. The humans keep stopping me eating all the extra things. They say I'm not supposed to and it could make me unwell.
    I hope you like reading my diary.

    Stay Hoppy!


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