Food Memories

A taste… A scent… Something so small can trigger a whirlwind of memories of food. I love reliving special memories; I have many memories of food and cooking and they are all so special to me.

Every fortnight, my fiance and I used to visit my nan. She would cook us dinner and we used to spend hours with her. I loved every minute of it. She used to mostly make a casserole; chicken or lamb, they were her signatures. I loved her casseroles but I’d never been able to recreate them. I was never sure what she did extra that I had never thought of doing.

I have missed it every day since she passed away. Not too long after that, I decided to give making a casserole a go. I missed them and I wanted one, just thinking of my nan.

I left my casserole cooking all day, waiting for my fiance to get home from work and hoping he would enjoy it. He said as soon as he got close to our home he could smell it and it smelt gorgeous…just like nans. I had high hopes for the taste too. I’d tasted it, just to check seasoning. I’d left the real tasting until we ate our meal together. To my amazement, it was exactly like my nans! The taste, the smell, the texture… It was perfect! I think I had been trying too hard to get it just like hers.

I have a lot of fond memories centred on food.

Like when my fiance cooks us a meal. He puts so much effort and love into the food he cooks and its amazing! He treated me to lovely Valentines meal a few years ago. I love remembering these things and remembering the fun we have when we are both in the kitchen together! We were often paired up in college and we worked so well.

What are your food memories?

Best Wishes!


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