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Food Week on The Blog Tag comes to a close and with that comes the weekly tag round-up. This week, the questions will be split up into 2 sections; the Beauty questions and a selection of quickfire questions. To tie in with the food blogging week, I’ll be adding some images of foods that my fiance and I have personally cooked. You can also find the list of my posts for the week at the bottom of the Q&A tag post.

Food Tag

7021c-bbq2btomato2bchicken252c2bbrocolli2band2bpea2band2bsweetcorn2brice1. What is your favourite cuisine?
I love most foods but I can never say no to a Chinese take away.

2. The best place to get supper in the city where you live?
I prefer supper at home if I’m honest. We have a lot of restaurants and fast food places, but nothing beats home cooked food.

731b0-robs2bfamous2bchicken252125213. Favourite chef?
I have two favourite celebrity chefs…Gino D’Acampo and Gordon Ramsey. My fiance is my favourite personal chef as his food is amazing!

4. How do you take your coffee/tea?
Milk and two sugars

5. What cook book do you use the most?
I have a lot of cook books and I’m trying to move away from using them. The one that I’ve used the most is the large one we received when we started our college course. Its got everything in and its a brilliant go-to recipe book.

2eb08-robs2bking2bprawn2bmeal6. If you could open your own restaurant what type of food would you serve and what would your restaurant be called?
I’d open up a restaurant with my fiance. In all honesty this would be one of my dreams. As I’ve already said about where we are from and the dialect we use, I think we would open up a comedy food bar and we would call it “The Loff and Scoff”. Loff in our Black Country Dialect is laugh. We’d serve a variety of foods, including traditional Black Country food, all served up while a variety of comedians perform. We could put a comedic twist on some of the dish.

7. What’s on your pizza?
Definitely has to be pepperoni!

c2945-whole2bchicken8. Favourite cooking utensil?
I don’t really have a favourite utensil, but if I had to pick I would chose our pizza cutter. The handle is shaped like an actual pizza slice, its amazing! I just had to buy it when I saw it when my fiance and I were planning on moving into our own home.

9. What is your favourite home cooked meal?
I have a few that are my favourites. My fiance made a chicken, broccoli and leek dish cooked in a homemade sauce which was amazing! I also love a good pasta bolognese and a casserole.

10. 3 ingredients you can’t live without?
Chicken, soy sauce and tomato puree. We use these in most of our cooking.

ae048-octopus11. The weirdest food you have eaten?
This has to be the octopus that my fiance and I ate while on holiday a few years ago. We only had it because my fiance said he wanted to try the most disgusting looking thing on the stall but it was surprisingly tasty!

12. Describe your perfect dessert?
Something flavoursome and something not too sweet but not too tart. One of my favourite desserts is Tiramisu.

13. You can invite anyone over for dinner, who would it be?
Aside from the obvious of our families, I think I’d invite Stan Lee, Bruce Lee if he was still alive, Stephen Amell from Arrow…I know there are plenty that would be invited!

14. Do you have any food traditions in your culture/family?
We always have fish on Good Friday.

15. Are there any foods you won’t ever eat?
I absolutely hate bananas, custard and sour cream and onion Pringles…all with a passion!

Quick Fire

47f81-cadburys2bjelly2bpopping2bcandy2bbitesJuice or Fizzy Drinks
There are plenty fizzy drinks that I like but I think I prefer juice

Chicken or Beef

Eat In or Go Out
Eat in. I love a good night in with food, snacks and a DVD with my fiance

0ebe1-img00832-20130310-1213Indian or Chinese

Sweet or Sour
Definitely sweet!

Chocolate or Strawberry

e658c-robs2bbirthday2bcake2bi2bmade2b252812529Popcorn or Chips
Chips…or Crisps

Cake or Pie

Cream or Ice Cream
Ice Cream

Skittles or M&M’s
I like both but I think I prefer Skittles

Best Wishes

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