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Fudge’s Diary | 23rd-30th April


Welcome to week 3 of Fudge’s Diary!

23rd April 2016 – 30th April 2016

Day 61-Day 68

Ninja Fudge

I know, I know. Today is Saturday and I promised a diary entry every Friday. The human was really busy catching up with what she called The Blog Tag. I tried to takeover but the human was taking too long. So here I am today

Haha, they didn’t think I’d realise. This see-through thing that the humans put my nuggets in before they give them to me was left on the floor. They weren’t paying attention to me so I sneaked over and stole the tub! I ran off with it and threw the nuggets all over the floor. I finally got my revenge! I’m a ninja bunny!

Getting my revenge and stealing the nuggets was really fun. I know I will do it again, I can get away with anything with these humans…especially the big one.

Fudge 3, humans 3

Okay, so the humans gave me another gift. It was a huge brown thing that looks similar to my food.

Wait… Is that carrots hanging from it? I have to go and check.

Damn! They’re not real carrots! Wheres my carrots you slave humans?!?

Oooh, there’s my nuggets in there! I think I’m winning in this game of “Who gets the most points? Fudge or the humans?” They know best to put my nuggets there for me.

Fudge 4, humans 3

HAHA, I’m winning again!!

How can you say no to my pretty face?

1c408-fudge2b2am2bphotobombThe humans and I stayed awake until very late yesterday. The big human was lying with me and giving me a fuss … I like it when he gives me a fuss … while the short one was watching things about cats and fish on the big moving picture square. I didn’t see any cats or fish… Just humans talking to other humans about meeting other humans.

Maybe I should look up what these cats and fish are. It’s really confusing… Ooh nugget!

We stayed awake late and they said it was 2am. We all took a family picture together. They say I’m their baby. They are my slaves. Oh sorry, humans.

I was totally exhausted after our late night last night. I was hoping to have posted my diary earlier than this but I had to go and have a nap and then the humans were playing with me.

I like my little sleeping spot, it’s surprisingly comfortable. The big human doesn’t let me pull apart the long things behind me though. I don’t know why, it looks fun!

Anyway, I’ll be hopping off now. My tunnel is calling me for a play.

Hoppy Weekend!

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