Motivation Monday

I’m not going to profess to have the ability to motivate much, I have trouble motivating myself! After the weekend it takes a little time for me to get in the swing of weekdays.

A lot of my weekends are spent enjoying the time in with my fiance where we either spend the day playing video games together or having a duvet day. Our duvet days usually consist of TV or DVD’s with snacks and food snuggled under the duvet… Bliss! In all fairness, a lot of this has changed since Fudge joined our family as he gets a lot of our attention every day.

During the weekend I also like to think about the week ahead and start planning things. I must admit, I am a list maker. I like to make lists to plan out different tasks that I need to do, often when packing luggage for our summer holidays.

While doing housework, I find that I keep motivated by plugging in my iPod and listening to a lot of my favourite songs. I also look to the future and how I can make it the best that I possibly can.

My main motivation comes from my fiance. He gives me a tremendous amount of love, motivation and support that I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without him. He keeps my feet on the ground.

How do you keep motivated and give yourself a Monday motivation boost? I’d love to hear from you!

Best Wishes


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