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What Art Is To Me

Art… Art is creativity. Many art forms centred around creativity, imagination, skill and effort, all creative in their own way. Some of which include:

  • Traditional art such as painting, drawing and sculpting
  • Photography
  • Performing arts
  • Tattooing
  • Cooking and baking
  • Music composition
  • Writing
  • Creative arts and crafts
  • Gardening

It’s an expression of personality through creative talent. Art is interpreted very differently from person to person. Some people may not believe certain things are classed as art.

An actual definition of art form from the Oxford English Dictionary states that an art form is any activity regarded as a medium of imaginative or creative self-expression.

This is everything that I believe art to be. Your views on art are your own interpretation of what art is.

My Favourite Art Form

Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci, c. 1503-1506
Image from

Let’s be honest, there are so many different forms of art. Anything creative is a form of art. I have to admit that my favourite form is the traditional idea of what art is… drawing. Not only drawing but anything similar like painting too.

I love visiting the art gallery. My fiance and I used to go quite a lot but haven’t been for a long time. It’s something I wish we would do again. I love to see paintings in a gallery, such as paintings like Leonardo da Vinci’s works and such.

If I had to pick I would say that Leonardo da Vinci is most possibly my favourite painting artist. His works are so skillful and in depth.

My Encounter With Art

A pen sketch of the reaper by Mr J

Most people won’t know this about me but in my third year of Sixth Form College, I joined the art class. Art wasn’t something I did very often but when I joined the class, I really enjoyed myself.

You may be asking, why did you join an art class in your third year of Sixth Form College? My first and second year I was studying Business Studies and Computer Technology, with a little British Sign Language and Spanish thrown in on the side. Art is a completely different world to those.

In 2004, when I met my fiance and we became very good friends he told me about how he loved to draw. It felt like a little thing we kind of had in common as my sister loved to draw too. I would tell him about my sisters drawings, he would talk to me about his and give me some tips for my sister, who was 12 years old at the time. When he showed me his drawings, I was fascinated! They were amazing!

When we became a couple in 2005 I often joined him in his art class just sitting there, watching him draw and having a little chat. His tutor didn’t mind me being there. She said I had a good impact on his studies as he buckled down and worked when I was sitting with him.

Watching him draw always amazed me. I never imagined I could ever have drawn the way he did. So I decided to join the class. I had so much fun in the class. It was a different experience for me and I learnt a lot.

Classic vs Modern

The concept of classic vs modern art is a topic often debated upon. So, which is better? It’s more a case of an individuals opinion, and in my opinion classic art is so much better. I used to love the visits my fiance and I used to have to the art gallery, but on our last visit we were both disappointed by how much of the gallery was dedicated to modern and pop art. I would have loved to have seen more classical art, like it used to be.

Modern art is often a few paint splashes or straight lines on a canvas. To me, not very adventurous, creative or skillful. Modern art is noted as including art produced between 1860s and 1970s. In total honesty, I don’t personally agree with that. I think anything pre-1900s is classic art. Paintings such as pop art. I’m not saying some pieces aren’t good or look nice, it’s just that I think they don’t take a lot of skill. They do seem to get a lot of recognition, some more than beautiful, amazing classic artwork.

Campbell’s Soup Cans, Andy Warhol, 1962
Photo credit to Thiago “TH” on

I know that Andy Warhol was a well-respected artist and leader in the pop art movement and I’m not taking anything away from him with that. For the movement, he was a great artist. My opinion is that paintings such as “Campbell’s Soup Cans” from 1962 aren’t exactly creative and I can’t see them taking much effort to do. It’s just a selection of 32 canvases, each canvas depicting the same can but with a different flavour soup written on the can.

I don’t mind seeing some of this work in an art gallery, but my preference is to see more classic works.

I can’t say that all modern art is like that. Salvador Dali paintings are so imaginative and creative. They are so surreal, such as The Persistence of Memory painted in 1931.

Classic art is very skillful, and you can see the time, effort and skill and artist has put into his or her work.

Take The Birth of Venus for example. Painted by Sandro Botticelli in 1486, there is so much depth to this piece of work. The use of colours mix beautifully and look so calming and the detailing is amazing. It is obvious that so much time and effort have gone into a piece of work like this. This painting, showing Venus being born from a seashell, can be interpreted many ways.

Another artist that creates brilliant art work is Leonardo da Vinci. His works such as the Mona Lisa, The Last Supper and The Annunciation show such detail and effort to paint amazing pieces of work.

Even his piece The Vitruvian Man, just for an image of a man standing in two positions depicting the proportions of the human body, is very imaginative and creative. It has taken time and effort to work out all those proportions and details. The text that is written on the piece of work is translated to show how the proportions work.

What is art to you? What is your favourite art form? What encounters do you have with art? What type of art is your favourite? Classic art or Modern art? I’d love to hear about your opinions and experiences with art. Don’t forget to get in touch if you have anything to say!

Best Wishes


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