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Fudges Diary | 1st-13th May 2016


Week four and five of my diary is here! I hope you enjoy reading! I missed last weeks diary so I’m adding a two week diary post here!

1st May 2016 – 13th May 2016

Day 69-Day 81

First things first, soon after my last diary entry, the humans helped me set up a thing called Instagram. Apparently, its where the short human has been posting my pictures so now I have my own. If you would like to give me a follow, my account is @apieceoffudge. A lot of my pictures are posted there and there will be a bit extra posted than what I write in my diary.

They also helped me set up a Facebook account, which is A Piece Of Fudge if you’d like to head on over and give it a like. This would be good for anyone without an Instagram account but that would love to see what I post. All diaries and Instagram posts are published there.

This week, I’ve done a lot of binkying around. It’s so much fun and the humans love it when I don’t and when I jump high! It does get quite tiring and I love having a nap afterwards but it’s worth it for the fun and the nuggets I get from the humans! I definitely know how to play them.

Fudge 5, humans 3

At the beginning of the week the humans were trying to get me to go back to bed. I didn’t want to go. I just wanted some more nuggets and to play. They said it was late and I could play and have nuggets in the morning. I wanted them right then, not the day after! I tried my hardest to look so cute but it didn’t work. They put me back into my home…without any nuggets!!!

Fudge 5, humans 4

They are catching up with me. I must win!

I was so excited when the short human opened my door the next morning. I ran out and ran straight over to the big human. A morning isn’t complete without a fuss from my big human. I then noticed that the short human was messing with my box full of nuggets. I got excited and ran over. I sat between her feet and chased her around until I could jump on her lap for my nuggets. I got them! I now feel accomplished.

Fudge 6, humans 4

I superbunnied across the big humans feet. It makes me happy not know he’s close. In known he will always be on my side. That’s why I always leave enough poop for the short human to move. If she moans about it, the big human sticks by me. He creates the way for me to win the short human round. I won in fact that she promised to buy me some kale or spinach when she went to the shop the next day. One excited little bunny here!!

She forgot! She forgot to buy me kale or spinach! I’m a little down in the dumps but I’m plotting my revenge. Watch out shortie…I’m coming to get you.

Fudge 6, humans 5

I got hay stuck on my head. The humans bought me a hay rack and I like to bury my head in my hay.

I had a really good day sitting in the sun a few days ago. It’s been really hot and really sunny here where we are and I decided that it would be great to relax in the warm sun.

It has been confirmed, by me of course, that I am the boss in our home. I sat on my big humans pillow and had him feed me my tasty nuggets. The humans will do anything for me. Even if they don’t want to, I can easily win them around. The perks of having a cute face.

Fudge 7, humans 5

I also had a good day relaxing on the big wooden thing that the humans have the picture box on. I relax on there and have great naps there too! The big human has a hard, black machine on the wooden thing… I think it’s called an Xbox. I like leaning on it.

She brought me kale! I knew my revenge plot would work. She felt bad and made sure she remembered it the nexty time. I really enjoyed it and I’m looking forward to having some more very soon.

Thursday was great! I climbed over the big humans head and sat on his pillow to wake him up in the morning. I was awake so he should be too. Good thing was that he woke up!


Hope you all have a hoppy weekend!

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