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Art Week on The Blog Tag comes to a close and with that comes the weekly tag round-up. This week, the questions will be split up into 2 sections; the Art questions and a selection of quickfire questions. You can also find the list of my posts for the week at the bottom of the Q&A tag post.

Art Tag

Are you an Art Lover, if so which art form?
I must admit, yes I am. I love traditional drawing and I also love things like photography too.

Share one of your works of art with us, if you don’t mind. 
Unfortunately, I can’t find the art work I did in college, so I’m going to add an image of some photography and editing that I did.

Share your favourite piece of art with us.
I love to watch my fiance draw and two of his pieces of work are my favourites, both which took him many, many hours to complete.

My fiance’s sketch of Batman vs Penguin from Arkham City
My fiance’s sketch of Davy Jones from Pirates of the Caribbean

Please follow the following links, and tell us what your first reaction/feeling/thought was when viewing the picture (You can write a tiny backstory if you want to):
I don’t feel that any imagination has been put into this piece of work. It’s just a black background with a blue/purple line across it. No disrespect to the artist at all, but I don’t like it. It seems a little boring.
This is a great piece of photography. It is given depth by the detail of the walls, stairs etc, but has an eerie factor about it. It lets you use your imagination to interpret where this was taken and what happened there. I do quite like this photograph.
Again, I don’t think much imagination has gone into this piece of work. It’s showing the highlights on a face. I believe its quite boring compared to other pieces of work within the art world. I also don’t mean any disrespect to this artist.

What is your favourite Art movement?
I know that I love classic art, but for my favourite movement I lean towards surrealism. It’s just so imaginative and unusual. My fiance has always been a fan of Salvador Dali so I’ve seen quite a bit from him and I studied H. R. Giger at college and I was fascinated by the creativity of his work.

Do you feel like art should evoke emotions? If so, do you think it should be used for positive (Inspiring, Memories, Light-Hearted) or negative emotions (Bring awareness of social issues, bring to light injustice etc.)?
Definitely. Art should evoke emotions. I know that my fiance says that positive and negative emotions have influenced many pieces of work he has done throughout his life, so I believe that every artist is the same.

Would you ever comment on political/social affairs via your art? If you have, please share the artwork with us.
No, I never would.

Do you consider yourself to be an artist? 
By no means do I consider myself to be an artist. Yes, I took an Art class at college where the modules I studied were photography, H.R Giger and comic books but I don’t class myself as an artist. I don’t have the imagination that an artist requires.

Name everything you consider to be art.
Creative and imaginative work of any form.

Make a mess, even if it’s just on an A4 paper, on paint or a table you work on, take a photo and show us your beautiful mess.
For my ‘mess’ I have used the software PicsArt on my Android tablet. It is  good piece of software and I have used it a lot for my photo editing. If you are signed up to PicsArt or would consider signing up, I will leave an icon underneath my social media icons with my profile linked. If you want to, you can follow me. Let me know here if you do follow and I will follow you back.

Assign Feelings to the following colours: 
Paynes Grey: Dull
Deep Violet: Admiration
Luminescent Green: Bright
White: Calm
Black: Desolate

Quick Fire

Paint or Pencil

Anger Art or Peaceful Art
Both, anger and peace can give an artist the means to produce an amazing piece of work

Words or Images
I love to write my blog, but I adore images. You can interpret in any way you want.

Cartoons or Sculptures

Happiness or Sadness (Subject Matter)
A good mix of both subject matters

Tons of Texture or Smooth Surface
I think I prefer smooth surface

Best Wishes

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