Eurovision Song Contest Grand Final 2016 Live Tweeting

I made the decision that I wanted to do a live tweeting session for this years Eurovision Song Contest. I have enjoyed watching the contest ever since I was young and I still enjoy it now. I have to admit that the winner of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest has been a surprise, welcome change and one of my favourites, Lordi. The only hard rock/metal act to ever win the Eurovision Song Contest.

2016 marks the 61st anniversary of the Eurovision Song Contest. With Sweden claiming victory back in 2015, this years contest will be held in Stockholm, Sweden.

Semi-finals were held on 10th May 2016 and 12th May 2016 with the final being held 14th May 2016.

The Big Five countries are competing against the qualifiers from the semi-finals. If you are unsure what The Big Five actually is, it is the five biggest financial contributors to the contest. When this was introduced in 2000, it was originally The Big Four, consisting of United Kingdom, France, Germany and Spain. Italy was added in 2010 when they rejoined the contest, essentially creating The Big Five.

I usually stay away from anything Eurovision related until the grand final… even the United Kigdom entry! I’m quite liking the sound of the Cyprus entry this year. We’ll see how it pans out.

If you want to follow my live tweeting, follow my Twitter @nikkipedia87. I’ll be posting there first and updating this post afterwards to include all my tweets.

Who were you rooting for to win? Did you pick the winner? How did your country do? What did you think of the new voting system? What did you enjoy most about Eurovision?

Best Wishes


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