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Fudge’s Diary | 14th May-22nd May 2016


14th May 2016 – 22nd May 2016

Day 82-Day 89

I’m back again with my diary. I didn’t get a chance to write on Friday…I’ll tell you why before I get on with writing.

The humans took me to the vets. I was a bit uncomfortable. They took me away from my humans. I couldn’t see them anywhere. They put me on a thing that told them how heavy I am and gave me a small health check. They put me back in my carry box and took me somewhere, then I saw my humans. The vets gave my humans some information. When my humans took me home they were told that I was a little girl, but now the vets have told them I’m a little boy! Whoops!

I’m now their handsome little boy!

After my vet visit, I was really tired. I went straight to my comfy spot, flopped over and relaxed.

It has been really hot around our home recently and it has been very sunny. I like to sit in the sun, but I can get very hot. The humans bought me a bright blue cool mat. I sit on it and it cools down and it feels really nice. It’s cooling down now, but I still love lying on it.

The humans brought me some new nuggets!! They keep them in a large box and it was almost empty so they got me some new. When it was delivered it was a HUGE bag! It was a 10 kilo bag!! I’m going to love jumping into this bag.

Unfortunately for me, the humans didn’t let me jump in the bag but I managed to steal a few nuggets out of the box before they put the lid on.

My big human had this bright coloured bag. I could smell food in it. I ran over to see if I could get some. He called them Hula-Hoops. I think I’m being tricked because he messed with the bag and gave me some, but they were suspiciously exactly like my nuggets. I don’t mind, its cool.

The big human went out for a little while. I missed him a lot. I was glad when he came back, but I sat on his chair while I waited for him. The short human gave me a few nuggets to keep me occupied while I waited for him. It was great when he came back. He gave me lots of fuss.

It’s been more of a relaxed week this week, apart from the vet visit. I will be back to causing mischief again very soon.

Stay Hoppy!

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