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1. Do you or someone you know suffer from mental illness?
Yes. Throughout this week while blogging about mental health, I’ve talked about how my fiance has been diagnosed with depression and anxiety.

2. Are you interested in knowing more about mental illness, which mental illness in particular are you interested in?
I am always interested to learn more about any topic. I think that now my fiance has had his diagnosis, I’ve been really interested in learning more about depression and anxiety to get an idea of whats going on with him and how I could help.

3. Do you feel like religion helps or complicates mental health and the treatment of mental illnesses?
I don’t feel that religion complicates mental health and it’s treatments. Other people may feel otherwise, but that is in my opinion.

4. What do you do to alleviate stress and keep your mind calm?
I do a couple of things. I like to relax and have a nice shower or listen to music. I’ve also taken up doing colouring. Since I’ve been colouring, I’ve found it helps me relax to ease my asthma symptoms.

5. Explain what you think Depression is like.
Since my fiance’s diagnosis, he’s been giving me a little insight to what it’s like. It gives you feelings of nothing. He’s told me he feels weak and feels negatively about himself.

6. Would you go into a relationship knowing your future partner suffers from a mental illness?
When I got into my relationship with my fiance, he wasn’t diagnosed with depression and anxiety. Even if he had his diagnosis, it wouldn’t have changed anything. I do love my Mr. J.

7. What do you think of hypnosis, have you tried it?
In all honesty, I’m a bit of a skeptic when it comes to hypnosis although I’ve never tried it.

8. What would your advice be to someone in a negative state of mind?
Definitely go ask seek help from your doctor. It’s the best thing that my fiance did.

9. Do you hold grudges?
I try not to hold grudges. Maybe one or two linger. I think holding grudges brings you down a little.

10. How do you express your anger/frustration?
More often than not, I shake my leg. In all honesty, I do grr at some things too.

11. How does your culture view mental illness and the treatment thereof?
I think people do have a kind of negative view on mental health, which is quite annoying because this makes mental illness sufferers feel ashamed of their condition. It’s nothing to be ashamed of.

12. How important is your mental health compared to your physical well-being?
I think your mental health is just as important as your physical well-being.

13. What is happiness to you?
Happiness is being content with your life. For me I have the love of my fiance, my family, a good life and I’m happy. Of course, there are one or two things that could make my life even better.

14. What are your views on sharing your problems either with a professional or friend?
I think that sharing your problems with people you trust is a good thing. Those people can then give you support, whenever you need it.

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