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I’m In The Band…!

… Well, I was in the band. Before I get to that, I’ll tell you how I got there.

I used to play the recorder. I was one of four girls that used to play along to the hymns and songs we used to sing in our primary school assembly’s. We were taught by the teacher that taught my mom when she was at the school too. It was a great little instrument, especially for youngsters that are interested in music and learning to play an instrument. But I wanted more.

That is where trumpets came in. I was roughly 9 years old when I started learning to play the trumpet. A tutor used to come into the primary school and tutor a group of students at a variety of skill levels. It was great fun and I really enjoyed learning.

I practised at home every day, I’m sure my neighbours hated it but I didn’t care. I was a child doing something enjoyable and learning new things. My parents brought me all the necessary items like the trumpet, valve oils, books, sheet music stand…everything I could want when learning to play the instrument. I started taking exams in the local music school, which I passed with flying colours.

I was asked by my tutor if I wanted to join a brass group at the music school. It was a group of about 10 brass players; trumpets, cornets and trombones; who got together every week and we used to learn and play songs. I met some great people there.

A new tutor took over a couple of years later, and as my skill and exams progressed I moved up from the brass group to the brass and woodwind ensemble. This group was much larger with about 10 brass players; of which included trumpets, trombones, horns and saxophones; 6 flute players and 6 clarinet players. I’m sure there were more but in all honesty it has been many years ago and I can’t remember everything. I think percussion may have been involved, but I can’t remember. In this group I also made some great friends.


We used to do annual summer concerts with a variety of concert orchestras from around the region, which was really fun. All the groups would wait in the upstairs rooms for their group to go onto stage.

It was an enjoyable time of my life, but I had to give it up. I had braces when I was about 14/15 years old which made it difficult and painful to play.

I do miss playing and wish I could get me new equipment and playing again.

Do you or have you played any instruments? What would you like to learn if you could?

Best Wishes


8 thoughts on “I’m In The Band…!

  1. Band played an important part in my childhood, as well. I started on a clarinet, but it pushed my teeth out. Although I loved the instrument, they changed me to a baritone horn to try to push my buck teeth back in. I quit band when I got to high school because I needed to take different electives. I still am glad for the introduction to band music it gave me and the opportunity to travel to places I could not have gone otherwise.


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