For The Love Of Books Part Two


I am quite surprised with myself regarding how long it has been since I posted! I hadn’t even realised that I’d been away from the blog for as long as I have.

For The Love Of Books

I love a good book. I love to read the books I currently have stored on my e-reader although, in my opinion, nothing beats reading an actual paper book. It’s just the feel and smell of a book, for me it sends me into my own little world trapped in a book. I always have my e-reader at the ready for travelling.

Reading books lets you use your imagination to visualise the characters, and see them how you would see them. Everyone sees each character differently.

My Favourite Books

Everyone has favourite genres and genres they don’t like at all…the same with authors. I’m a big fan of crime and mystery books. I like to try to solve it before I get to the end of the book when the culprit is revealed. I’ve always loved puzzles and mysteries. Although, I don’t just stick to reading crime and mystery. I love to read romance, chick lit and fantasy.

The reason I love crime and mystery books so much? Sherlock Holmes. The great detective drew me in to reading the stories about him and the crimes he solved. In my opinion, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a genius! Thanks to Sherlock Holmes, I then got into reading Agatha Christie books. The first I had was Black Coffee, a play which was only published as a novel after Agatha Christie’s death. It’s a story about the murder of a famous physicist, poisoned by his coffee.

Some of the books my fiancé and I own

Another mystery set of books I like is the set of Nancy Drew Case Files. I love the Nancy Drew PC games and my mom managed to find me some of the books. Two I know I definitely own are Secrets Can Kill, which one of the games is based on, and Murder On Ice. Its been a while since I’ve read them, but I’m so determined to read more!

Another of my favourite authors is Cecelia Ahern, author of P.S I Love You, Where Rainbows End and more. The first book I had of Cecelia Ahern’s was P.S I Love You, after my fiancé bought me the DVD of the film. Its a very emotional book, but I love to read it.

Ok yes, when the Fifty Shades books were a big thing when they were released I wanted to know what all the fuss was about so I went ahead and bought them. I was a bit apprehensive knowing what the books were about but I’ll read anything once. I know there wouldn’t be a lot left, but if you minus all the sex, its actually got a pretty good story behind it and that’s what I like in a book… It has to have a good story.

It is so difficult to choose my favourite book. All the different books that I have mentioned, I love for all different reasons.

Sherlock Holmes books and Agatha Christie novels I love for the mystery. I love trying to solve the mystery as the story is progressing.

The same for Nancy Drew, I love these for the same reasons as well as loving the video games.

When it comes to Cecelia Ahern and her books such as P.S. I Love You, I love the emotional side to the story. I find myself relating to the characters.

I was previously a bit ashamed to say that the Fifty Shades Trilogy were some of my favourite books but I have come to the conclusion that I shouldn’t be. Like I say, it may be full of sex and sexual references but with that aside, the story is a great story.

Biggest Lesson I Found In A Book

I don’t think I can choose one specific lesson from one specific book. You can learn a lot of things from a variety of books.

Books have taught me that anything is possible. Take The Lord Of The Rings for example. A small hobbit crossed the world on a mission and saved the world with his actions. It gives you hope that whatever you do, could in some way help at least one person.

They also teach you to use your imagination. I have found that a lot of youngsters these days seem to be losing imagination compared to children of my day. Sure, I’m only 28 years old but times have changed a drastic amount since I was young.

Let your imagination run wild in the world of books!

A List of some of my Favourite Books

Any Sherlock Holmes | Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Sherlock Holmes books to me are a definite must read. I love the mystery and the crime solving. It gives my brain a work out, just by trying to solve the crime myself as I read through the book.

P.S I Love You | Cecelia Ahern
I love this book. It’s a very emotional story. I always tend to put myself in a characters shoes and try to imagine how I would feel in the situation that the character is in. Definitely worth a read for the story alone.

Black Coffee | Agatha Christie
For me, Black Coffee has the same must read factor and the Sherlock Holmes books. Black Coffee is all about a famous scientist, murdered in his office with his black coffee in his hands.
One of my favourite Agatha Christie novels.

Fifty Shades Trilogy | E.L James
I know that I’ve already said why I like the Fifty Shades Trilogy, but I’m going to say it again. They have a great story behind all the sex, even though there probably wouldn’t be many pages left in the book. If you like these type of books or if you’ve been sceptical because of the sex, which in all honesty I was, I’d recommend giving them a read and looking past those sexual references.

Crossfire Series | Sylvia Day
Ditto for these too. There is a lot of sex but it has a good, interesting story behind it. I was recommended these after reading the Fifty Shades books and I did really enjoy them.

Best Wishes


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