Books Tag

1. Do you have a specific place to read?
No, not really. I just get wherever is comfortable at the time I want to read and go for it. I’m still waiting to start reading The Marble Collector by Cecelia Ahern.

2. What book/s can you re-read without getting tired?
Sherlock Holmes, Fifty Shades and Agatha Christie’s Black Coffee

3. Who is your favourite author?
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie and Cecelia Ahern.

4. What is your favourite non-fiction book?
I tend not to read non-fiction much. I can’t even remember which non-fiction books I have read.

5. What is your most memorable childhood book?
I have a couple. I had a small book of a Bugs Bunny story with Witch Hazel, as well as a very large book all about Disney.

6. What quote from any book will you never forget? Why is it significant?

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth” – Sherlock Holmes.

I know it’s not exactly what it means, but it seems to have some significance in my life. When I was younger, there were things that I didn’t want to believe; I was looking through rose-tinted glasses so to speak. Taking that away after things were said and done, I saw the truth no matter how much I didn’t want to believe it.

7. What books did you hate reading in school?
Just anything we were made to read. I preferred it more when we could take our choice of book for reading in class.

8. Do you read before bed?
Sometimes. We usually tend to watch a lot of shows like Family Guy, American Dad and Cleveland Show before bed but I’d love to get back into bedtime reading.

9. How many books is on your book shelf?
My collection seems small compared to other people’s, but I think we have roughly 30 books at home. Not counting the ones that our parents still have of ours.

10. What genre of books do you prefer?
Definitely crime, mystery and romance.

11. Can you read while there is noise around, like music or TV?
Sure! If my fiance isn’t reading one of his books too, he has the TV or his PlayStation on. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

12. Have you wrote any books?
Technically, no. I tried to write a story that was meant to be humorous, but it didn’t turn out very well.

13. You walk into a book store, what do you walk out with?
If I go to a bookstore, I’m looking for a specific book. I would usually come out with that, maybe more if I spot some good deals.

14. Worst book you ever read?
As much as I loved the film, I would have to say the book of The Princess Bride. I found it pretty confusing and I didn’t get past the first couple of chapters.

15. Do you have any collections of books?
Yes. I have the trilogy of Fifty Shades and my fiance owns collections of The Lord Of The Rings with The Hobbit and George R R Martin’s Game of Thrones books, A Song Of Fire And Ice Collection.

16. Do you have a library card?
I do! I haven’t been for a while but it is something I really want to get back into.

17. What is the last book you read?
If memory serves me right, I think it was Captivated By You by Sylvia Day. I haven’t read the final book in the series yet, but I really want to.

18. How many books do you read per year?
That all depends on if I’ve had anything new or how much I read while I’m on holiday. I definitely read at least 3 per year.

19. If you could write a book what would you title it?
I’d probably write it about Fudge and call it Fudge’s Instagram profile name, A Piece Of Fudge.

20. Why is reading important to you?
It gives me an escape from reality and keeps my brain active. I love reading when I find the time.

Quick Fire

Book mark or anything that can hold your place
I usually use anything I have to hand, but I recently was sent a bookmark that you could colour in with one of the colouring books I bought. I always love using bookmarks.

Trade paper back (big book) or paper back (small book)
I love a traditional paperback (small books)

Novel or Biography

Read the book or watch the movie first
Just depends which happens first. I saw the P.S. I Love You film first but most others I have read the books first.

Romance or Science-Fiction

Best Wishes


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