Interpretation: The Self


I’ve been doing some research to understand the psychological concept of The Self better. If you are unsure of what The Self actually is, it’s the idea of understanding and getting to know yourself through your own interpretations as well as the interpretations of others. Even though you may not mean to, people generally judge others on what they see or hear.

The Self is a way of understanding how you do this and understanding the way that people would do that to you. Most people would see themselves in a better light than what others may see you like, or even what you may actually be. Although, on the other hand, people really put themselves down whereas others may see them as a good person.

The aim of my post today is to ask myself a list of questions provided by The Blog Tag, add some of my own questions and get a few other people to answer them about me too.


Am I an Introvert or Extrovert?
Me: I feel like I’m an introvert. I’ve always been quite a shy person, which my past experiences have exaggerated.
Mister J: Extrovert. You do act shy, but when it comes to it you’re quite the opposite. You enjoy going to concerts and parties, which you do try to encourage me to do too. You also socialise a lot on the internet.

Am I emotional?
Me: I’m very emotional.
Mister J: Very. You’re talking about the person who cry’s sometimes when she’s watching the soaps, the person who cries when I write something nice in her birthday/Christmas cards.

Describe me in 3 words.
Me: Sentimental, emotional, loyal
Mister J: Affectionate, sensitive, frustrating

Am I intimidating?
Me: Definitely not. I have never tried to properly intimidate anyone in my life, other than joking around. I’d never want anyone to feel as though they were scared of me.
Mister J: You’re about as intimidating as a potato. It’s hard to find someone intimidating who is only 5 foot 2 and starts giggling when they say they’re angry.

What is my most beautiful feature?
Me: Not all the time but I think I like my eyes… Only sometimes, though.
Mister J: Your soul.

Describe my sense of humour
Me: I have quite a childish sense of humour. The smallest of things I tend to find absolutely hilarious.
Mister J: You have a course, rude and childish sense of humour. You find it hilarious when someone breaks wind.

What is my worst character trait?
Me: Sometimes I can have a really bad attitude if I get really annoyed. It’s something I want to get rid of.
Mister J: Honestly, negativity. I can’t understand why you are so negative all the time. There are times when you have something brand new but then you seem to find faults when there’s no need to.

Am I taking anything for granted?
Me: I haven’t got a clue if I’m taking anything for granted or not… I seriously hope I’m not.
Mister J: Yes. I think you’re taking life and people for granted. It may be just the way I’m perceiving things from my life but I don’t think you understand the value of life and people being around you.

Am I trustworthy?
Me: I believe I am, yes. I try my best not to give people a reason to believe otherwise. I’ve kept secrets for people that they didn’t want to be shared.
Mister J: Yes, although sometimes I think you can sometimes, without thinking, act untrustworthy in terms of seeming like you’re hiding things even though I trust you enough to believe that you’re not.

Which of my skills or talents give me the greatest sense of pride?
Me: I’m very proud of my time in my swimming team and in the concert band playing my trumpet.
Mister J: I think that you’re baking skills have been giving you pride.

How do I handle disagreements with others?
Me: Not good at all. Sometimes I don’t think people are listening to me, even though they are, and it gets my back up.
Mister J: I don’t think you handle disagreements. You tend to shout and complain and go in a mood until you decide to finally stop, listen and talk it out like a grown up.

Whose approval do I seek the most?
Me: In all honesty, I think I seek the approval of most people.
Mister J: You seek the wrong people’s approval. You try and seek my approval with everything but the only person’s approval you should seek is your own.

What are my worst habits?
Me: I think it’s biting my nails.
Mister J: Hearing what’s being said but not listening. Jumping to conclusions. Being insecure.

When am I most naturally myself?Β 
Me: When I am doing things that I want to do, that make me happy.
Mister J: When you’re not trying to be something you’re not.

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