15 Weird Questions Linkup

Recently, I joined a blogging group on Facebook called Geek Girls x Bloggers. Quite self-explanatory, it’s a group of female bloggers who also love geeky things. From the group, Katy from Plays Well With Coffee has created a linkup. This linkup is a 15 Weird Questions Linkup. I couldn’t resist taking part, so here are… Continue reading 15 Weird Questions Linkup


Bullying | From Victim To Victor

Ever felt completely worthless because some piece of scum bullied you? I know I have; multiple times too. If you have read my post “Life Lessons That Shaped Who I Am Today“, you will know that I have spoken about a percentage of my bullying experiences at high school. Let’s be honest, that is where… Continue reading Bullying | From Victim To Victor


Switching From Blogger To WordPress

It has been six months since I first set up Nikkipedia on Blogger. When Nikkipedia was still just a notion in my mind, I asked around fellow bloggers for their opinions on which site to use; Blogger or WordPress. I had a lot of great feedback about both sites, which I am totally grateful for!… Continue reading Switching From Blogger To WordPress

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Game Review | Disney Emoji Blitz

I love those little app games, like Candy Crush Saga and similar. I have come to the point where I download most of my games for playing on my iPod, as my phone is full with other apps. Today, I had a browse through the latest iTunes app store games and came across… Disney Emoji… Continue reading Game Review | Disney Emoji Blitz

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The Blog Tag | Technology Tag

Technology Week on The Blog Tag comes to a close and with that comes the weekly tag round-up. This week, the questions will be split up into 2 sections; the Technology questions and a selection of quickfire questions. You can also find the list of my posts for the week at the bottom of the… Continue reading The Blog Tag | Technology Tag

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My Top 10 Apps on Android and iOS

Here is a list of my top 10 apps on Android and iOS: Facebook Who doesn’t love Facebook? It keeps me connected with family, friends and fellow bloggers and blogging groups. I do like the new reactions feature too. I don’t really think there is much else I can say on the topic of Facebook,… Continue reading My Top 10 Apps on Android and iOS

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£, $, €, ¥? The True Cost Of Technology

I know that I’m only 28 years old, but in my lifetime technology has evolved so much. We went from having cassette players to portable CD players; from that to having the thick USB MP3 players and now onto better MP3 players and iPod’s! Music systems where you can hold so much music you’d be… Continue reading £, $, €, ¥? The True Cost Of Technology

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Most Recent Postcard Acquisitons

If you have read my “25 Random Facts About Me” post, you will probably know that I am a collector. My main collection is postage stamps and I have published a few posts on that topic. Recently, Mr J and I started to get together our own postcard collection. We have received numerous postcards from… Continue reading Most Recent Postcard Acquisitons

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Yow Dow Know Abaart We | Knowledge and Misconceptions of The Black Country

Aado! ‘Ow bist? ‘Ope yow’m awright. Bostin’, I ‘ope.  Hello! How are you? Hope you’re alright. Great, I hope. In April, I mentioned in a post about my home dialect and some words that are my favourites that we use. These unusual words from our dialect seemed to attract a fair bit of attention. My… Continue reading Yow Dow Know Abaart We | Knowledge and Misconceptions of The Black Country

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Philately | Why I Switched From Hinged Albums To Stockbooks

As you all may know by now, I have been a philatelist for most of my life. It’s the one hobby I always go to and always keeps me interested. There are so many new stamps released each year. When I first started collecting, my parents bought me a Stanley Gibbons Starter Pack which included… Continue reading Philately | Why I Switched From Hinged Albums To Stockbooks