What I Loved About The Sony E3 Press Conference 2016

June 14 to June 16 2016 saw the gaming community treated to the annual gaming expo, E3. Brand new video games and video game accessories are introduced and previewed, which will be released within the next year. Video game trailers are shown, as well as live demos of upcoming games.

The one thing about E3 that both my fiancΓ© and I look forward to each year is the Sony Press Conference. We are both huge fans of Sony and PlayStation and will always watch the replay of the conference; I don’t think I would manage to stay awake until 4am in the UK to see the conference live.

Even though E3 was held almost a month ago now, I’m still intrigued by the Sony Press Conference and most of its announcements, so I decided to write about what I loved the most about the conference.

Sony always put on a great show for their E3 conference, and this year was no different.

Image from

Before the conference began, an orchestra and male choir were present in front of the stage and its conductor entered. The choir and orchestra pulled out an amazing performance of a very dramatic piece of music.

I was in my element to watch this performance; I always loved this type of music and performance, which was why I joined the concert band with my trumpet. All I could imagine was how, if I hadn’t have had to give up playing the trumpet, I could have been part of something like that.

As the performance continued, the preview of a game began on the big screen on stage. An unseen man was heard talking to his son, about his mother and how she had taught the boy to hunt. Out of the shadows stepped… Kratos!

This was such a fantastic surprise! I loved the God of War games on the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3. As the live gameplay demo plays out, we see how to game has been updated from its predecessors. I have to admit, it looks amazing!

For me, the whole orchestra performance was one of my main highlights. Although, almost all of the games presented were fantastic.

Here’s my highlights from this years conference.

  • Orchestra performance
  • God Of War Reveal with Live Gameplay Demo
  • Days Gone & Live Gameplay Demo
  • Detroit Become Human
  • Resident Evil 7 Biohazard
  • PlayStation VR News and Announcements
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Crash Bandicoot
  • Lego Star Wars
  • Death Stranding presented by Hideo Kojima. Game starring Norman Reedus.

How did you find E3? Which conference was your favourite? Did you enjoy the Sony Conference? What were your highlights?

Best Wishes


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