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£, $, €, ¥? The True Cost Of Technology


I know that I’m only 28 years old, but in my lifetime technology has evolved so much.

We went from having cassette players to portable CD players; from that to having the thick USB MP3 players and now onto better MP3 players and iPod’s! Music systems where you can hold so much music you’d be listening to it for days just to hear every song on there!

Let’s face it, video game systems have advanced a lot too. Just look at the upgrades from all previous PlayStation’s to the latest PlayStation 4, and now we are even getting virtual reality. It all seems so surreal.

I have to admit, I love the advances in technology that we have these days; I wouldn’t be blogging today if there wasn’t the technology that we have, as would many of you, and I wouldn’t have met some of the nice people in the blogging community that I have.

My main issue with technology is the obsession that people seem to have with it.

Take Facebook, for example. It’s a way for people to socialise and connect with each other, but in fact I think it is in a way making people less sociable. Don’t get me wrong, I love Facebook. I’m connected there with family and friends, and it is where I met the people from the blogging community and joined some amazing groups. I think it’s how some people spend most of their time with their face buried in the phone, computer or tablet and don’t often speak face to face with the people around them.

Let’s just say, I’ve been one of those people. I hated doing it, but I just found myself drawn into the social media world and getting stuck there. Sometimes I’ve sat next to Mr J for hours and spoken maybe 10 words to him. It wasn’t good, but I try not to be so engrossed in technology so much anymore. I don’t know how successful that is; maybe not as successful as I would have hoped.

What troubles me more about technology is young children. These days kids aren’t being kids. They aren’t playing with toys very often, they aren’t out in the garden too much…They are in a sense being brought up by technology. I’m not saying every child is like that, but some are being sat in front of the TV or with a tablet or console controller in their hand and being left to it. Kids should have creativity, which I don’t think that they can get from technology.

How about these parents playing with their kids more, reading to them more and some of them teaching their children things including manners.

Unfortunately, Mr J and I aren’t parents yet but I know that when we are blessed with a child, they will be brought up as kids; allowing them occasional access to technology but mostly to toys and books with a hell of a lot of manners and respect throw in the mix too.

£, $, €, ¥?
The true cost of technology isn’t the money spent on devices, it’s the loss of communication and the loss of a childhood.

What are your thoughts on technology? What impact does it have on your life? I’d really love to hear from you.

Best Wishes


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