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My Top 10 Apps on Android and iOS

Here is a list of my top 10 apps on Android and iOS:

Who doesn’t love Facebook? It keeps me connected with family, friends and fellow bloggers and blogging groups. I do like the new reactions feature too. I don’t really think there is much else I can say on the topic of Facebook, I love it.
Free for Android and iOS

Twitter keeps me connected with other bloggers and my followers. I also loved entering competitions via Twitter, where I have won around 22 competitions.
Free for Android and iOS

Before I began blogging, Instagram had never really been on my radar to use. I loved to take pictures but I just shared the pictures I wanted to on Facebook. Besides, most of the people that would have seen those pictures would be the people on my Facebook anyway. I decided to sign up when I started blogging, to connect with a wider audience and I’m so glad I did. I found that I’d been missing out on a lot when it came to Instagram.
Free for Android and iOS

Evernote has been so useful over the year or so that I have had it. I use it to keep ideas for blogging, lists for wedding ideas, pen pals, stamp/postcard trades. You can add notebooks to keep your notes organised too. The best notes app in my honest opinion.
Free for Android and iOS

Eve By Glow
I found this app just by chance. Eve by Glow is a period tracker, which also helps you keep track of any symptoms and your health. When I found it, this app was the perfect thing I was looking for. I’d not been keeping track of my menstrual cycle and had noticed that I was very irregular. Since using the app I have noticed how my cycle lengths have varied but weren’t as irregular as I thought. Yes, they were long cycles but usually within the same time period. Eve has a variety of other features including a sex tracker for ladies trying to conceive, notifications on if it’s a good idea to take a pregnancy test, daily quizzes and facts and a community of many other women there to give advice and who are going through the same things as each other.
Free for Android and iOS

The Kindle app is good…for kindle books from Amazon, but Aldiko gives me the option to read more. If you have any PDF files, you can view them on Aldiko too. If I download a brochure online, it automatically imports it to Aldiko and it’s right there for me to read.
Free for Android and iOS

PicsArt Photo Studio
PicsArt came up as a recommended app for users of Snapseed, the images and reviews looked good so I took the chance and downloaded it. This is such a fantastic app! There is so much you can do in terms of editing and you can also sign up and share your images on there too with the PicsArt community. I’m joined up there. I haven’t uploaded anything for a while, but I am hoping to get back into it soon. If you join (or are already joined), you can follow the PicsArt icon at the bottom of my post to my profile.
Free for Android and iOS

I found Snapseed after watching The Gadget Show one evening. The presenter, Rachel Riley, was reviewing the top photo editing apps and Snapseed was top. I love taking photos and had always wanted to give editing a go, so I downloaded it. OK, there’s not as much range of editing as there is on PicsArt, but the quality of the editing is fantastic!
Free for Android and iOS

I love Pinterest…I could almost say addicted to it. I love pinning ideas and things I like, and I love how it helps me keep track of what things I have pinned too. Wedding, blogging, colouring pages, wishlists…you name it, I’ll pin it so I know to look over it later.
Free for Android and iOS

Pokemon Go
What type of Pokemon geek would I be if I didn’t have Pokemon Go. I’ve not played it as much as I would have hoped as at the moment I can only really play over the WiFi at home.I like how this app will help people get some exercise and get kids interacting outside without being stuck in at home. Just remember to stay safe!
Free for Android and iOS

What are your top 10 apps?

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