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How many times a day do you check social media?
In all honesty, a lot. I’ll even open Facebook on my phone or iPod, even when I have it on the computer.

Which is your favourite Social Media platform?
I really hard pick a favourite between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. I love the range of interactions on all four. I think I might pick Twitter. A lot can be said in 140 characters.

How much data/WiFi do you spend a month?
Thank goodness for unlimited WiFi! I took off my data bolt on from my phone tariff once we got broadband at home.

Have you made any long-lasting friendships online?
I had a number of online friends when I was younger but lost touch with them all. I’m looking forward to making long-lasting friendships from the blogging community.

How many times a day do you post on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook?
It’s all really dependent on what I have to post. I can go a couple of days, maybe more, without posting anything.

Do you snap?
If you mean playing cards, then yes haha! If you mean Snapchat, which I’m 100% sure you do, then no I don’t.

Do you always have your phone with you?
Always, without fail… Unless it falls into the hands of Mr J, who then posts random silly statuses on my Facebook as if I wrote them.

Who would you trust with your passwords?
Easy, Mr J.

Do you use social media as a business tool?
Only for blogging and using the Facebook sharing debugger and analytics on Twitter.

How careful are you on social media?
I try to be really careful. I’m not sure if it’s successful.

Do you Google everything?
I do! Google or Wikipedia…That’s why Mr J gave me the nickname Nikkipedia.

Is your mom/dad on Facebook?
Mom is; Dad is determined he’s not signing up.

Do you get your news on Social Media or from an online news platform?
I get the local news from our local newspapers social media account and I follow a few places that show national and international news.

Do you have Pinterest? What do you use it for?
I do! I love Pinterest. It’s a platform I quickly became addicted too. I have two accounts, my personal one and a blog one. I use it for blogging tips, ideas and wedding inspiration.

Did you have a MySpace account? 
I did. Gosh, that has been so long ago.

Do you follow trends you see online? 
In part, yes. I found adult colouring books online and came to blogging this way.

Have you ever made something by following a blog post or YouTube video?
Not yet, but I am determined to. I’ve seen makeup tutorials, wedding crafts, recipes and rabbit treats that I really want to try.

Who are your favourite Instagram users?
I’m not sure. I like to see pictures from a variety of accounts… I do love seeing everyone’s bunny pictures; Fudge follows many.

Do you remember your first email address?
I think it was so boring I can’t even remember what it was.

Do you use Skype and how often do you video call?
No, I’ve never used Skype. In all honesty, I’m not keen on video calls.

Quick Fire

Text vs Call 

Facebook vs Twitter 

Cellphone vs Tablet 

Instagram vs Snapchat 

WordPress vs Blogger
I’m on Blogger at the moment and I like it, but I’ve been thinking about switching to WordPress.

Best Wishes


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