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The Orchard at Tesco | Berries Programme


I’m a frequent Tesco shopper. For us, popping around the corner to the local Tesco Express is an easy option. It’s close enough for us to take a 15 minute shopping trip and the staff are very friendly. Not to mention the quality of the products that we get from there; it is tasty and well priced!

I was browsing around the internet not too long ago when I came across a website for something called The Orchard at Tesco. I’d never heard of it before so I took a look.

The Orchard at Tesco is a website for Tesco shoppers to join where they can fill out surveys, save money and talk about their experiences with Tesco and their products. I read all the ‘How it works’ pages and took a look around and decided to sign up! You do need a Tesco Clubcard to be able to sign up, but the Clubcard in itself if worth it too.

You have to complete a profile and take part in a selection of services about how you shop at Tesco. Taking part in these allows Tesco to easily match you to programmes as well as increasing your score.

Programmes are small events that you are matched to based on the information you provided and your score. You have to be invited to a programme. Don’t worry, you get an email inviting you and you can find it on your Orchard homepage. You will receive the programme pack through the mail.

On the 21 July 2016, I was invited to my first programme; the summer berries programme.

The Berries Programme

When I received the invite to my first Orchard programme, it was quite unexpected. I didn’t expect to be invited to a programme so soon. It was an easy decision clicking the accept button from the email, both because it was my first programme invite and because it was a berries programme.

IMG_2993I love berries but I don’t get them as often as I would like. In fact, since the local Tesco had been open, which had recently opened after refurbishing an old pub, I hadn’t bought any berries from there. It was the push I needed to grab a pack of strawberries.

I accepted my programme invite and I received my pack yesterday. In the pack, there was a £3 off fresh berries voucher for me and a selection of money off vouchers for friends and family. I wasted no time in taking my voucher to Tesco. With it, I bought 2 punnets of strawberries. I did have to pay an extra £1, as the voucher was £3 off fresh berries but the minimum spend was £3 too and the punnets were £2 each and weighed 400g. The strawberries were of the Ava Rose variety and grown in Perthshire, UK.

I got the strawberries home and quickly opened a packet, washed two strawberries and handed one to Mr J, before having the second for myself. We were both very impressed by the strawberries. They were extremely tasty and had the perfect strawberry tang. I’m very impressed. Tomorrow morning, I am sure that I will be adding some strawberries to my bran flakes.

Are you a member of The Orchard too? I’d love to hear what you have to say.

Best Wishes

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