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August Business Showcase | Cozy Custom Candles


I interviewed Polly Nichols, aged 46 from Harrison, Michigan USA. Polly owns Cozy Custom Candles


Here is Polly’s business feature for Cozy Custom Candles…

Hi everyone!

20160410_174649-1My name’s Polly. I own Cozy Custom Candles, based in Harrison, Michigan USA.

Here at Cozy Custom Candles, I specialize in unique and custom candles that smell and burn as wonderful as they look. I make all types of candles from wax melts to custom photo hurricane holders!

20160313_162327-1I started my business in 2009 as a fund raiser for my daughter for a school field trip. I started selling to family, friends and co-workers. They all loved the way my candles smelled and burned and most still buy from me to this day! šŸ™‚

I truly love finding new and exciting candles to add to my candle line! Every holiday I strive to find adorable containers to pour my container candles in and find new ways to make pillar candles. We are a full service Candle Shop and make all kinds and shapes of candles using many different types of wax, dyes and scents! Last year we started making a few types of soaps as well.

20160124_123339-1My container candles are my best sellers to my co-workers. My unique pillar candles are my best sellers on Etsy and Amazon. My online sales are the ones you can’t go to a store and buy.

I mostly advertise on Amazon and Etsy. Some on my Facebook page but that hasn’t been too effective. Mostly Amazon & Etsy.

My favorite pieces to make are my more unique pieces like the Bloody Pillars, Bleeding Skulls, Double Heart Chunk Candle, the Photo Candles.

20151003_231707-1My goal is to increase my sales so I can do it full time and quit my job. Which in my case will be a touch more difficult now because I have to have good insurance which my job offers. I am battling stage 4 breast cancer so I need the insurance! šŸ˜¦

Please find my Amazon, Etsy and Facebook links below:


Thank you for agreeing to feature here, Polly. It has been a pleasure interviewing and getting to know you. I wish you well in your business venture.

Best Wishes

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