Thinking Outside The Console

There’s more than one way to play the game…

With video games, there are different interpretations for a number of them.

Take Pokemon, for example. Pokemon started out as a few games on the Nintendo Gameboy in February 1996. By October of the same year, The Pokemon Trading Card Game was developed and released. Ok, I never had a Gameboy so never got to play those and I only had a few of the cards back then but saying that year makes me feel so old!

The Pokemon TV series that every 90’s kid knows was first premiered in Japan in 1997. After this, there have been a variety of other games, films, books etc that have been released. There is a Pokemon Monopoly, which I hope to get my hands on of course.

While I love Monopoly, even though I tell Rob every time we play that I am never playing again because I always tend to lose epically, I think Pokemon as another type of board game would be amazing!

Moving on to another of my favourite games that I would love to see in another medium… I know there are different types of murder mystery parties based on books etc but I think a Nancy Drew mystery themed experience would be amazing! You could go around a number of rooms set up, such as the different locations of a Nancy Drew game or book to find clues and meet the characters. Each person playing the role of Nancy could be supplied with a tablet to use as their notebook and their way to contact Nancy’s friends for hints.

What game interpreted into another medium would you like to see? I’d love to hear from you.

Best Wishes


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