My Ideal Game

One series of games that are my all time favourites are the Nancy Drew PC games. I love solving mysteries and puzzles. For me, I’d love to incorporate Nancy Drew into my ideal video game pitch. I’d love to have a console version and have it more involved than just point and click… In a sense, like Murdered: Soul Suspect. But how would I incorporate these into my own pitch?


I imagine a mystery game where you play as a detective. Of course, with character creation and customisation… You can’t forget that! It would be awesome to be able to create your character from scratch using a variety of options such as gender, height, build, features, clothing, hairstyle and hair colour. Literally, almost unlimited character customisation from head to toe.

Set in modern-day England, you are a rookie detective that gets assigned to cases which send you travelling around the country. You can visit places around the country, following the roads and pathways of the realistic cities and you would be able to find landmarks such as the London Eye or Buckingham Palace and you would have to use realistic actions like obeying the laws of the road.

There would be a certain amount of main cases to solve with the option to pause the story mode progression to enable you to free roam the city in an open world mode to find extras. These extras could be optional small cases which don’t have any relevance to the main story cases and finding extra tasks. As an example, if you could find a tennis court then you could spend some time playing tennis or if you wanted to just have a short time viewing scenery then you can take a virtual trip on the London Eye. You could also spend some time betting to earn extra money.

For each case, including the optional cases, you could earn a wage with which you can buy upgrades to your investigation tools, vehicles, clothing or haircuts etc. You could also spend some time betting to earn extra money.

You would be able to switch between story mode and free roam mode very easily.

As you are working the case you collect evidence, solve puzzles and you find hidden documents which help you in the case. You find that the cases you are trying to solve are replica cases of famous unsolved crimes from past eras. When you collect certain evidence or hidden files, you get flashbacks to the crime, either from the modern-day case or the unsolved case from the past.

I think it would be a great addition to be able to use the PS4 motion sensor in the controller to pick things up and move them around to find the clues. This would make you feel more involved in the game. Sometimes I find myself getting lost with the automatic notes that are taken with some mystery games. I’ve found that sometimes the notes that are automatically entered into your notebook can be difficult to understand. What I would include with this is the option to switch to being able to type your own notes into your own virtual notebook. This would be a great alternative option to the automatic note system, which you could also use if typing your own notes isn’t your thing.

I am also a fan of RPG games, so what I would love to include with this game is a levelling up system where certain in-game tasks give you skill points which you can use to level up your personal investigative skills. These skills would include things like intuition to make finding clues easier, agility for jumping over barriers etc for accessing new areas, charisma to make your interrogation techniques more effective and perception to improve your skills with spotting lying suspects.

I’d also include in-game achievements that when you earn them you are awarded aesthetic things such as new forms of gender specific clothing and police awards which you would be able to use on your online leaderboard profile. To earn these in-game achievements you would need to do tasks such as finding landmarks, scoring high scores on betting games, winning tennis games or taking a certain amount of trips on the London Eye.

You could also have a new game+ mode, which is quite common in games these days. What this would be is that you could start a new game, either on the same or a higher difficulty, keeping the money and unlocked items that you earned on your previous game.

If you want to know what I would call this game, check out tomorrow’s Gaming Tag for the Q&A where I share what I would call the game.

So, what game would you pitch? I’d love to hear from you.

Best Wishes


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