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What is your favourite childhood video game?
I think I’d have to go with Altered Beast. I used to love playing this on my Mega Drive.

What is your preferred platform for gaming?
For me, I’d pick PlayStation. Usually PS4 or PS Vita.

Name the last game you played
I’ve played things like Family Guy Quest For Stuff and Candy Crush this morning, but my last proper game that I played was Neverwinter on my PS4.

If you could be any character from a video game who would it be and why?
I think I’d be Morrigan from Dragon Age. She is an awesome character. I think it’s because she is so straight to the point and comically sarcastic.

List the games that are on your cellphone
The only one I have on my phone is Pokemon Go. My games are more on my iPod and tablet, which includes Candy Crush, Disney Emoji Blitz and Family Guy Quest For Stuff.

How many games have you bought in the past 6 months?
Wow, there’s quite a few. I think roughly 15 games. These include God Of War Remastered, Just Cause 3, Unchartered 4 and Dragon Age Inquisition.

When did you get your first gaming PC or console?
My first gaming console was my Mega Drive when I was younger. Gosh, that’s more than 20 years ago now!

Are you a competitive gamer?
No, not really. I’m more of a casual gamer. I do play competitive sometimes but most of the time I won’t even play Tekken competitive against Mr J.

Do you play video games with your family?
That’s one of the best things about gaming! Mr J and I often play games together and we usually play things like Elder Scrolls Online, Neverwinter and Diablo 3 with Mr J’s dad too.

How has video games impacted your life positively?
It has given Mr J and I something else that we can talk about at 2 or 3am. We love just staying awake and talking and gaming has given us extra topics.

What is your favourite game of all time?
It will always be one of 3… The Sims, Nancy Drew and Kingdom Hearts

What is your favourite genre of games?
I definitely love puzzle and mystery games. They are my favourite. My almost top favourite is RPG.

What is the most money you spent on gaming?
I bought Mr J a limited edition Batman Arkham Knight. It came with the limited edition game in a steelbook case, downloadable content, art book, comic and an amazing statue. This set me back about £75. Other than for my PS4, that is the most I have spent on gaming.

How often do you game a week?
As often as I can really which is almost every day, in some form or another.

Do you have a go-to name that you name your characters in a game?
I like to start and name a female character my name first (Males are usually Mr J’s name) and then I start trying to think up names that seem to suit the look of the character.

If you could create a game what would it be called?
This question wasn’t as tough to answer as I first thought. After some pointing in the right direction from Mr J, I would call this game Greatest Mysteries Of Our Time.

What is your favourite item/weapon in a game?
I always loved the genie lamp in The Sims 1. I used to set up a lot of lamps in a room and see how things would play out.

Have you played online games with other gamers you have not met before?
I have, yes. When Mr J and I have been playing Elder Scrolls Online, we have joined groups and helped other gamers on the game.

What do you think about gaming as an adult?
It’s great! It’s an escape from the hectic life that is adulthood.

If you didn’t have video games what would you do in that time?
I’d be spending extra time on the housework and Mr J and I would spend more time doing other things like playing board games which mostly consists of Monopoly, crosswords and maybe a few battles with our Pokemon cards.

Quick Fire

PC vs Console
Leaning more towards console these days

Adventure vs Puzzle
I love a bit of both but puzzle was always my favourite

Online vs Offline
50/50 between the two. Some games that I love to play are online but others I prefer offline

Playing alone or Playing with Friends
Bit of both but I love playing when Mr J and I play games together

Competitive vs Casual

Best Wishes


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