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October Business Showcase | An Update from Healing Helen


Before I get on with the new showcases tomorrow, I want to cast your minds back to May. I interviewed Helen Windsor from Brentwood Bay, British Columbia in Canada. Helen owns Healing Helen. Helen made greetings cards from her own artwork of spirit animals and pets, which she incorporates into custom items. 


Well, I am happy to tell you that now Healing Helen has expanded!

Since July, Healing Helen have been stocking t-shirts and pillows with some of Helen’s zentangle designs on. On t-shirts, you can find designs like the owl, horse and wolf and an even wider range can be found on the pillows including the hummingbird feather, a bear, the wolf, an orca, a raven and two different horse designs.

I was excited to hear about the update to the Healing Helen store that I suggested an update post to Helen. Here’s what she had to tell us about the stores recent expansion.

The reason why I decided to try more tangible goods like shirts and pillows is that I wanted the buyer to have a closer connection with the spirit animal they have chosen. My artwork is simply not just artwork, it is animal spirit medicine that captures people’s attention and gives them certain messages they need on their journey in life. Now, people can wear my spirit animal art or lay with it in meditation seeking messages from these wonderful creatures. All of my designs can be placed on pillows and shirts…I have only just scratched the surface with the few I have chosen.

I am working with a local screen printing company. I don’t know how to do screen printing myself but I like to employ local companies. The pillows (and future products like pencil cases, flare skirts, kimonos etc) will be done with a company in Montreal where they produce and print everything themselves in a small warehouse.

I also have a 15% off coupon code for November called XMASGIFTS for people to use when they see it promoted. This runs right up until November 30.

T-Shirt Gallery

Pillow Gallery

* All images are property of Healing Helen *

Helen was again so kind by offering to send me one of her new t-shirts to say thank you once again for featuring Healing Helen on Nikkipedia. I was greatly appreciative of what Helen was doing.

I was so impressed with the detail on the greetings cards that Helen sent me in May which made me really look forward to the arrival of this t-shirt. Once again, I was not disappointed in the slightest.

Helen sells a variety of different designs on t-shirts and in different sizes. I’m more of a vest type of girl; I feel more comfortable than in normal t-shirts where I feel like my arms are being restricted. When Helen offered to send me a t-shirt and showed me the options of designs and sizes, I straight away went for the wolf design. I knew I wanted to give the t-shirt to Mr J and I remembered how much he said that he liked the wolf design greetings card that I received from Helen.

Mr J can be quite picky when it comes to t-shirts; he likes them quite baggy and being 6 foot 4, he likes them very long. To cover this in sizing, I opted for the 3XL. It was the only one of that size that Helen had so I felt that I was pretty lucky to fall on it, knowing that it would be worn by Mr J.

I was away on holiday for a couple of weeks and missed Helen’s package but it was promptly redelivered by Royal Mail once I was home.

img_4123When I took the t-shirt out of the packaging, I unfolded it and I was really impressed with the quality of the t-shirt and the printing. I could tell that the sizing was going to be great for Mr J.

All of Helen’s blank t-shirts come from American Apparel and are printed at a local screen printing company. On the American Apparel size guide, a 3XL mens t-shirt fits roughly a 50-52 inch chest and it has a very good length. I would measure it but I can’t find my tape measure anywhere unfortunately. It is made from Poly-Cotton; which is 50% Polyester and 50% Combed-Cotton and has a rib neckband.

Don’t forget to check out Healing Helen’s store and social media links:

Etsy Store:

Thank you so much for the update, Helen. I’m really happy to hear that Healing Helen is doing really well and you are expanding. I also want to thank you again for the lovely gifted t-shirt that you sent to me. Such a nice gesture and it was a perfect fit for Mr J. We are both extremely happy with it!

I wish you all the best with the further success of your business, Healing Helen.

Best Wishes!
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