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Summer Holiday | Part 2: Newquay Zoo


I told you the next part was going to be more positive than my post telling you all about Woodpecker Cottage.

On the 20th of September, we had a day trip to Newquay Zoo.

I love our trips to the zoo. It’s a lovely day out and I love seeing all the animals and learning about them too from the different talks and feedings that the zookeepers do during the day.

Before we arrived at Newquay Zoo, we had a walk around Trenance Gardens and Boating Lake. The caravan park we usually stay on is just over the road from here, so we have had regular visits to the gardens and boating lake over the years. Although, this year, we didn’t get to go as often.

We went and sat by the lake with a sandwich and a drink before our day at the zoo. Such a beautiful view and surprisingly, we didn’t get flocked by seagulls. There didn’t seem as many around this year. There more ducks, swans, geese and other water birds. We even saw a cormorant! We had never seen one on the lake before so that was another tick to our list; last year we spotted our first kingfisher!

Newquay Zoo

I know that Newquay Zoo is small compared to other zoos, like our local Dudley Zoo, but it is still a great day out. We arrived at the gates behind a family with 3 children and paid our entrance fee; £13.60 per adult with gift aid. Mr J and I are completely happy with giving a gift aid donation as Newquay Zoo doesn’t receive any grants or financial aid. This means that the money that the zoo receives in admission fees and any donations is put straight back into the zoo, where it is used to care for the animals and aid its conservation projects. Plus, the only day during the year that they close is Christmas Day!

The African Lions are the only animal in the zoo that aren’t on a conservation breeding programme. Only certain zoos and safari parks around the country can have the lions on a breeding programme and unfortunately for Boss, the 4-year-old male lion, he has been chosen as one of the male lions in the country to not take part in a breeding programme.

I love visiting Newquay Zoo every year we go to Newquay, I couldn’t resist creating a gallery of the photos that we took here. Credit to Mr J for taking such amazing photos… Mostly of Boss I might add. Boss got his name at Longleat Safari Park, where he and his sisters Amahle and Semira lived before Newquay, because their dad was called Hugo!

Newquay Zoo Gallery

It is such an amazing day out to Newquay Zoo, with regular talks and feedings throughout the day. What would you have done if you were in that situation? Do you think Woodpecker Cottage deserved the 3 stars? I’d love to hear from you; all your thoughts and comments are welcome.

Visit the Newquay Zoo website to have a browse and learn more about what they do.

Look out for part 3 of our holiday adventure very soon. The next one is about the gardens and boating lake I mentioned.

Best Wishes


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