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October Business Showcase | DrinkUpBudderCup


For my second showcase this month I interviewed Ashley Moore. Based in Springfield, Illinois USA, Ashley, aged 31, owns DrinkUpBudderCup.

At DrinkUpBudderCup, Ashley makes personalised drinkware such as travel mugs, party drinkware, wine tumblers and water bottles.


Here is my interview with Ashley.

When did you start your business?
I started DrinkUpBudderCup in February 2016.

What do you do and what products do you sell?
I make travel coffee mugs, bridal party drinkware, personalized drinkware, wine tumblers and water bottles.

What products seem to be your best sellers?
Travel mugs and bridal party wine tumblers.

Who are your biggest competitors?
Other Etsy stores that make personalised drinkware.

How do you advertise your business?
I advertise on Facebook and Instagram.

Did you have any problems when starting your business? If so, how did you overcome them?
I had a hard time being found in the search results. I did not know what SEO stood for. I did tons and tons of research. I read every article I could get my hands on. I hired other Etsians to do some SEO work for me. I engaged with groups and forums on Etsy.

How do you decide on your designs?
I do a lot of thinking. I go to bed at night with new sayings on my mind. I wake up thinking about it. As soon as I have a quote I write it down in several ways, then I take a few I like and start designing them in my program. Designing takes me several hours.

What has been your favourite piece to work on?
My favorite piece of work is my nurse mug with the stethoscope. I worked on his design for the longest and have been proud of it as soon as I got it finished. I told my mom “this one is going to be my biggest seller” I just knew right away.

What has the experience of owning a business been like for you?
It has been very costly. I am finally to the point of actually making money. The finance side has been very confusing as well. I finally had to hire an accountant to teach me how to file sales tax in the state of Illinois.

Where do you see your business in the future? What dreams do you have for your business?
My future dreams are to quit my day job and just run my business out of my home.

Below you can find the Bit Of Luck Designs store and social media links:
Instagram: and #drinkupbuddercup

Thank you for answering my questions, Ashley. It has been a pleasure interviewing and getting to know you. I wish you well in your business venture.

Best Wishes


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