Product Review | AMZDeal Acrylic Makeup Organiser


* I received the product for free for testing purposes. I was under no obligation to post a review. The opinions in this review are entirely my own and not influenced by the manufacturer, seller or anyone else. *

dsc_0078I received an acrylic, rotating makeup organiser, which I have decided to review. This is again an AMZDeal product. It comes flat packed, supplied in a plain brown cardboard box.

What’s In The Box:

  • 1x Base Unit
  • 1x Top Unit
  • 2x Square Support Wall
  • 1x Curved Support Wall
  • 2x Drawers

img_4286All the pieces are clear acrylic but there is a solid, white base. Although this didn’t come with instructions, the assembly of the organiser is pretty self-explanatory. The pieces are slotted together and can be taken down very easily. There are slots in the base where the wall pieces fit. You slot the two square pieces onto the curved piece to make the support, slot that onto the base and the put the top unit onto that. The drawers slide into the sides easily. There are small grooves in the square pieces which hold the drawers in place.

In the top unit, there are a number of slots for your makeup, nail polishes etc.

There are 22 small slots around the edge and then 8 larger slots in the top. Most of my nail polishes fit in the smaller slots, but the others I filled up with some of my earrings/necklaces. There are dividers in the drawers making each drawer have 3 slots, but you can remove these if you want to. Along with all those compartments, there are a final 4 on the base of the unit.

img_4293It seems a very sturdy organiser. I only have two things which are a little letdown. One is the size of the nail polish compartments. If you have bottles that are a similar size to Rimmel London, which I have, then they fit perfect into the slots. Anything much bigger and you would have to put them somewhere else. I have some thin, rectangle bottles and other odd shapes which did not fit into those slots at all. You have plenty of space to use in other slots, though.

My second letdown is that sometimes, the unit seems to stick as you are rotating it. It might be mine, it might be where I have it at the moment. It’s not a major issue, but something I wanted to point out for others who may find they have the same problem.

This would be perfect for any dressing table. You can see exactly what you have and saves space on more storage or drawers which your table may not have and makes it less cluttered.

The acrylic, rotating makeup organiser is currently on sale at Amazon UK for £24.99.

I’d love to hear your opinions. Feel free to get in touch.

Best Wishes

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