Another Year Older

I am now officially in the last year of my 20s! Yesterday was my birthday and I turned 29 years old. I’ve noticed that as I’ve gotten older, time seems to be drifting away faster.

happy-18th-birthday-nikki-2006October 14th, 1987 at 4.29am, my mom gave birth to me. A few hours later, my auntie had a Caesarian and gave birth to my twin cousins! We had a joint party for our 18th in 2005. It is so hard to believe that was 11 years ago! I had a limousine that drove my friends and me around for an hour or so and then dropped us off at my surprise party.

I had been making lists and everything for a party but my parents said that I wasn’t going to have one. Little did I know that when some of my lists went missing and I thought I had thrown them away, my mom had taken them and started planning the surprise. It wasn’t all great if I’m honest. This was a couple of months before Mr J and I became a couple, but we were still great friends but he didn’t receive the invite that my mom wrote for him. They had been hidden from him and a few other friends.

Fun in the Limo

But enough about the past…

What did I get up to for this years birthday?

Mr J and I visited my family; my parents, sister, nephew and grandparents. My sister and I had some fun taking silly selfies and just hearing my 3-year-old nephew nattering away was great. He loves to play with the AR effects on my mobile phone and I managed to get a picture of him with one of the comic book effects. To see the excitement on his face when he came with us to visit our grandparents was amazing too. He played with some of our old toys like our tea set and till and he was excited to see our grandparents, their tropical fish and their little Jack Russell, Milly.

Mr J had bought me a beautiful birthday cake. It was a Madeira sponge with cream and jam covered in light blue icing with a pink rose, a “With Love” label and a white lace pattern effect on half. It was so beautiful to look at and tasty too.

I don’t usually get many cards, but I don’t mind. The cards I always get, without fail, are from the people who mean the most. My beautiful card from Mr J had an extra special touch this year as Fudge nibbled the corner and a little note from Fudge was written in the corner by Mr J. It was so cute! I loved it.


Gifts wise so far, from Mr J, I had an A5 purple leather notebook. I’m looking forward to noting down all my plans in there. It is a cute little book. I liked it so much that I went out and bought another; one to keep on my desk and another to keep in my handbag. I also got an A4 project book, which I am hoping to put to good use with blogging plans and a Beautiful Bronze Beauty On The Go Box. Inside it has 4 eyeshadows, a primer, mascara (black), eyeliner (black) and a lip crayon (coral). Looks great and I can’t wait to use it all properly. He also bought me some new adult colouring books; Escape To Wonderland, Inky Whimsy and Secret Garden Artists Edition (still waiting for delivery on that one).


From my brother, who now lives in Scarborough, I had a souvenir Titanic stamp sheet and 2 Scarborough related thimbles. Everyone who knows me knows that any stamps and thimbles will go down very well with me and I love the Titanic theme! My thimbles were the Scarborough Castle and The Grand Hotel. A family friend sent me a jasmine and patchouli reed diffuser. I can’t wait to use that once our vanilla ones have run out.


The same as with the gifts from Mr J, my parents got me a more practical gift in the shape of a 2 in 1 exercise bike/cross trainer. This will be perfect for the health and fitness plan that I want to do, which I will tell you all about very soon. I’m looking forward to using it more to help me lose weight and get fit.

Mr J assembled it for me this morning and I gave it my first go. I loved using the bikes and cross trainers when I was joined up to the gym some years ago, and now is no different either. I used for a short while, burning about 40 calories, and I could already feel it working my legs. Thumbs up for that!

I always get some money too, which I always use on something that I usually really want or something I need. This year, I’m opting for a new handbag. My current one has now past it. It is a lilac Billabong one and I’ve had it for 4 years. The bag now seems to be falling apart and has a few Fudge chew marks on the handles. Definitely in need of a new one! I’ll update the post to include the new handbag and anything else that I buy whenever I get around to buying them.

Tonight, Mr J and I are going to enjoy a Chinese takeaway and watching The Walking Dead.

Needless to say, I had a good birthday. Won’t be long now until the next on and I hit the big 30! I’m going to end this blog post with one of my birthday selfies that I took in my dad’s car with an AR effect…

Best Wishes


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