The Scariest Thing That Has Happened To Me

When you think of the scariest thing that has ever happened to you, you think of things like paranormal experiences, people jumping out on you or things as such.

I’ve has Mr J jump out at me with a wolf mask on. I’ve had him stand the vacuum on the toilet and put a clown mask on it and its made me jump when I’ve walked in. Believe it or not but I’ve also scared myself with Mr J’s wolf mask while trying to scare him. But the one thing that I think has scared me the most is nothing like that. It’s just something that happened in the street a few years ago.

It was Easter in 2011. Mr J and I were looking after his aunties dog, Tramp, while she was recovering from an operation. We had taken him for a little walk and dropping him off at Mr J’s parents house. We were only a couple of streets away when around the corner walked a pit bull. No collar, no lead, no owner in sight. As soon as he saw Tramp, he ran over and started trying to attack him.

Tramp, being the soft as pudding dog he is, thought he was trying to play! Tramp started licking the pit bull! With the moving around from us and the dogs, Tramp’s lead tangled around my legs and dragged me to the floor. Mr J tried his best to keep the pit bull away from Tramp and myself; almost getting his leg bitten in the process.

The owner finally came around the corner… And started shouting at us to leave his dog alone! Needless to say, Mr J gave him some harsh words back. He put the chain around his pit bulls neck and walked away, while still shouting abuse our way.

For me, this was the scariest thing to happen to me. Since I was young, I’d been afraid of big dogs. Albeit, it was just down to a dream I had where I was rescuing my grandparents Jack Russell from a very big dog. My fear of dogs had started to ease off since being with Mr J, but this experience has definitely knocked me down…maybe even lower than before.

I have scars on my elbow from how I had grazed them on the pavement. It still chills me thinking about it now.

We were just glad that Tramp was OK. Mr J had been able to keep the pit bull away from attacking him and us badly.

So, what has been the scariest thing that has happened to you? What would you have done in our situation? I’d love to hear from you!

Best Wishes


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