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November and December To-Do List

With Christmas just around the corner, these next couple of months are going to be hectic. I’ve written up a small to-do list of 6 things that I really want to get done before Christmas.

Plan and prepare posts for Blogmas – I’ve been seeing a lot of monthly challenges for bloggers hanging around the internet but never felt that I could get in on that action. I’ve taken a let out of the book of fellow blogger Grace, from Gracie’s World (go and check out her blog), and decided to start Blogmas.

Christmas Shopping! – Last year was a first for me. All of mine and Mr J’s Christmas shopping was done in plenty of time to enjoy the Christmas season. I think last years presents and cards were ready to be wrapped in the first week of December. This year, we are behind again. Fingers crossed we have enough time to get our shopping finished and presents for our loved ones aren’t as limited availability as I suspect that they might be.

Rearrange our furniture – This has been on the cards for months but still, its something that we have never got around to doing. After my nan passed away, I inherited my nans old display cabinet. To put this in our living room, Mr J moved our desk and computer into our bedroom. Now, we want to take another piece of furniture out of our living room in order to put the display cabinet in its place and move the desk back into the spot it started in. I know, it’s so much work but its worth it. I’ve been waiting to make the desk my little blogging office space.

Buy Fudge some new treats – Fudge loves his treats! He has a specific routine that he has through the day that between 5pm and 7pm, he comes to either Mr J or me and wait for a treat. We spoilt him rotten with treats from our summer holiday; some he loved and some he hasn’t taken to very well. Needless to say, his treat tub definitely needs a refill.

Book appointment with asthma nurse – I’m due for my yearly asthma check up… Well, I was supposed to make my appointment mid-October but again I just haven’t got around to it. I have these check ups every October/November where my nurse checks all my asthma symptoms, inhalers, weight and blood pressure as well as giving my flu jab. I need to make this appointment. I know this is the most essential part of my to-do list.

Get into a health and fitness weight loss plan – I’ve already drafted a blog post about this, which will be posted very soon. Mr J and I are planning on starting a health and fitness weight loss plan. We’re hoping to plan a schedule for exercising as well as meal plans and tracking our progress. This is definitely something is of high priority on the to-do list.

There you have it. 6 things on my to-do list. It may not look like much, but it’s definitely a lot for me. Fingers crossed I can complete it all before Christmas.

Feel free to get in touch.

Best Wishes


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