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I Wanna Be A Loser

I want to be a loser, but maybe not in the way that you think.

I’m talking about losing weight and improving my health and fitness.

It doesn’t take very long to pile on the pounds; the harder journey for me has always been shedding them again afterwards. I’ve never always been overweight. I know it’s not impossible to lose it either as I have done it before. A few years ago, I lost 3 stone. I had regular check ups with my nurse who I had always seen with my asthma. However, she left the GP’s surgery to emigrate to New Zealand and I just didn’t feel up to continually going for the check ups and my weight slowly increased again. Since then, even though Mr J and I have made plans to lose weight and get healthy, I can never find the motivation to just get up and do it. I maybe stick to it for a week or two and then the motivation slips away.

Mr J and I were losing weight together; we encouraged each other to do well. Mr J was doing really well and I always believed that I was too, until I gave it a little more thought.

I was being silly with my eating habits. We used to spend our time between my home and Mr J’s home; spending Friday til Sunday and Tuesday at my home and then the rest of the time at Mr J’s. So every Wednesday and Sunday, we had a 3-mile walk between our homes. This was the time we were at college training to be chefs; on our feet for 6 hours or so for our kitchen work on a Friday and 3 or 4 hours for our restaurant work. But my problem wasn’t the amount of exercising and moving around I did, it was food.

At the end of the day when we ran the kitchen, we were able to eat all of the leftovers that weren’t sold and in all honesty, I didn’t go lightly. I had a bit of everything that was cooked and then went back for seconds, thirds… Sometimes fourths and fifths! Safe to say, I pigged out. The pigging out didn’t end on a Friday evening either. Saturday was our duvet, DVD and snacks day. We used to stock up on sandwiches, crisps, sweets, biscuits etc and spend the day enjoying the food and watching movies and TV series together. We used to watch CSI a lot too; sometimes from maybe 3pm until 3am!!

However, when Sunday came around, I wouldn’t usually have any breakfast. Then after our 3-mile walk, when Mr J’s dad offered us lunch, I wouldn’t have any. Even if I was hungry, I still wouldn’t have anything. Not even a packet of Hula Hoops. I kept telling myself that I had eaten a lot over the last couple of days and I needed to lose weight so I couldn’t afford to eat at that time. Silly, I know. But it is time to make a change.

Why Am I So Determined To Lose Weight And Get Fit Now?

For me, this is an easy question to answer. And for a number of reasons too!

First and foremost, being overweight has a negative effect on my health in a couple of ways which I should have been addressing all along. The main thing about my health that is affected is my asthma. The excess weight continues to put a strain on my lungs which in turn makes it difficult to breathe. Asthma can be fatal in some cases so losing weight to help make my life with asthma as easy as possible should have been a focus for me throughout my life. Currently, I have a 3-year-old nephew. I can’t even chase him around the house pretending to be a monster without being out of breath after a couple of minutes.

Another thing is that I believe that my weight is having an effect on my menstrual cycle, making it irregular most months. All the effects that my weight and fitness are having on my health is just getting too much and I need to get it sorted.

I’m not happy with the way I look and the way that being overweight makes me feel. I’m a 29-year-old woman with a fiancé that loves me and I couldn’t be happier with my life in that sense but I’d feel more confident in myself if I improved my fitness and lost weight.

Mr J and I have so many hopes and dreams for our future; things that are pretty exciting to think about, things that I can see us doing and being slimmer, fitter and healthier. I’d love to tell you all these things but we have no concrete plans at the moment so it will have to remain a surprise. I’ll tell you all eventually, don’t worry about that.

I just want to feel comfortable, confident, healthy and content with all aspects of my life.

My Weight Loss Plan

My main problem with all the fitness programs that I have started is the lack of motivation that I seemed to have. I think that now Mr J is spending some more free time at home, I have him there to keep me motivated. The amount of encouragement and support that Mr J gives me in every aspect of our life is amazing and I am so lucky and grateful for all that he gives me.

Mr J is going to help me in putting together an exercise and eating plan, which he is doing for himself too. I’ll be doing our own exercise regime as well as using a couple of games that I have on our XBOX 360. I have EA Sports Active 2. This helps you with a 9-week fitness program which I keep starting but never get around to finishing. This time, I WILL stick to it.

I also received an exercise bike and cross trainer for my birthday last month from my parents. It was my choice, I knew I wanted to do this and knew something like that would help me exercising. I’m planning on using it for a while every morning and every evening.

None scheduled exercising days, I will use the couple of dancing games that I have to still keep me active.

Mr J and I are also planning on taking more walks around the area. We have talked about doing this first thing in a morning when we are fresh to kickstart our day. I have also recently received a spiralizer, which will be great for preparing some healthier meals.

My first post that I will do that follows my journey will include my weekly plan.

Tracking My Weight Loss Plan

I’m hoping to be writing a diary for each day which I intend to blog each week for you all to follow. This includes how I’m feeling, what I’ve been up to through the week, exercising activities that I have done and what food I have eaten. I’ll hopefully be taking weekly measurements to track how my body changes. This is a big thing for me as I am very self-conscious about my size and the way I look but this is something that I am looking forward to doing. I’d love to share it with you and maybe encourage anyone else to do the same if they have wanted to but never got the motivation and give advice.

Using my activity tracker wristband which I received not too long ago will be a bonus too. It will definitely be put to good use!

I’m also going to be using some apps to track everything as accurately as I can. These will include the VeryFit 2.0 app with my activity tracker and MyFitnessPal which tracks your food intake along with calories and tracks your exercising activities too. I am also thinking about using an app called Map My Fitness Workout Trainer. It connects with MyFitnessPal and tracks your walking/running workouts by GPS so you know the distance. It also allows you to add other workouts that you do onto it too.


I’ll be finalising a date to start the plan and a title for the series on the blog. There’s a certain amount of preparation that I need to do before I can start. Mr J and I should be rearranging some of our furniture to make our home and exercise space more spacious and accessible. I’ll keep you all updated.

Best Wishes


2 thoughts on “I Wanna Be A Loser

  1. Looking forward to seeing your progress. Whoop whoop to healthy eating and healthy living! Hopefully your journey will inspire me to get back to eating healthy and gyming lol I have been so lazy. All the best!


    1. Thanks a lot Shivonne! Definitely need it. I’m part way through planning and now I’m hoping I can stay motivated. Got so many dreams for the future which a healthier and fitter life would help me with. Got a wedding dress to fit into too.


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